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W9R2 done, just one more to go


Hello there from the Philippines! I've joined the forum a few weeks ago at the end of my second pass at week 4 and now that I'm about to finish, I thought that I should do my first post if only to thank you for the valuable information that has helped me go through the program. At the time, I was searching for info about Week 5 Run 3 because I was too scared to proceed even after repeating Week 4 already, then I've found you. After reading some of the posts especially those about taking it slow and trusting the program, I realized I was running too fast for my abilities. So I took the advice and was able to complete Week 5 and I've been visiting to forum ever since.

Now that with just 1 run to go, I just wanted to let you know that you've helped someone from the other side of the globe! Not just to finish C25K but perhaps to pick up a habit that may help me lead a healthier lifestyle. I'm 49 now and this is my first attempt at any running and I'm very pleased with the level of fitness I've achieved so far with the program which I might have quit had I haven't found this forum. Thank you so much and please keep helping newbies like me.

Cheers from the Land of the Morning, Philippines!

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Fantastic post jopard. You're so close to the end, it must feel amazing.

Great news that you didn't quit the programme and stayed with it though. It sounds like you're really pleased with how it's gone, and so you should be.

Please post on hope you get on with your next run.... Run 3 of Week 9... Wow. I'll be looking for it.

Fab post.

jopardGraduate in reply to snack_shack

Thank you snack_shack. I'm really glad that I did continue because of this forum and I just did my last run of the program. It was an amazing feeling of achievement.


Welcome - well done- you're on the edge of a big springboard. I've just graduated although still teetering on the edge - but I can feel the power of the spring...

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Gillma

Love it... :)

jopardGraduate in reply to Gillma

Thank you. I think I can relate to that, being on the edge now.


Hi there.... good morning from the soggy UK!

Great post and encouraging for the rest of the forum family! WE are so glad that it has helped you so much, maybe when you have Graduated:) you will stay around and maybe even move on to the Bridge to 10K forum eventually!

There is loads of support on here to keep folk on their running path! :)

jopardGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

It's the least I can do Oldfloss to thank all of you and to let you know you're doing a great job at encouraging people. I do hope to continue on my running path and will definitely stay around and move on to the Bridge to 10K.


Great news! Well done. You'll be a graduate after your next run and can officially call yourself "a runner"!

That was a great achievement for me!


jopardGraduate in reply to Redbillie21

Thank you Redbillie21, I just did my last run of the program and it was indeed a great achievement!

Redbillie21Graduate in reply to jopard

🎉👍 Well done. Congratulations


Fantastic! The podium is waiting for you! 👏👍

jopardGraduate in reply to Jaxdreamer

Thank you Jaxdreamer :)

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