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Dreading week 5 run 3!!!


My sister and I have been following the programme for 5 weeks and are amazed that we can run for 5 mins without stopping as 45secs was a real struggle at the beginning but we are sooo worried about Saturday's run - 20mins without stopping!!!

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Please don't worry, you ARE ready for this and you will do it! It seems scary but for the past 5 weeks you have been slowly but surely building up your endurance and are capable of running for 20mins.

Honestly I think everyone here will tell you that they felt the same as you but were pleasantly surprised when they did it.

lots of luck :)


Everyone is a little nervous about wk5 r3 as it is the first run without any walking breaks. You have prepared for it so you can do it. You may find when doing longer runs that it is more of a mental challenge. You have to keep telling yourself that you can do it! Good luck for Sunday.

I'm starting week 5 today...when it stops raining(lol)....one thing you'll find about the longer runs is it will actually give you the time to relax into running. After the initial "OMG, 20 minutes of THIS?!!!" crisis passes you'll begin to calm down and enjoy (insert wry grin here) the rest of the run. As others have already said, you ARE ready for this..good running and HAVE FUN!


A question to ask yourself:

Has laura been correct in her words of wisdom and scale of improvement over the last five weeks?

So many people hit week 5 (me included) thinking about how they could never possibly run for twenty minutes. Yet we all do!

When she says you are ready, you are. Your body after five weeks of training is able to do twenty minutes, non stop. It's your mind that will try to convince you otherwise.


I couldn't sleep the night before w5r3 I was so nervous but I was fine and if I can do it then pretty much anyone else can!

You will find that if you start of nice and slowly then you just get into a rhythm and it's easier to carry on than stop and start - honest.


if i can do it so can you and i used to get tired running a bath. honestly you will do fine just go at your own pace and slow the pace down if you have to but keep going.i am sure you will last the course.

Thanks all! I will let you know how we get on!! :)


It's a psychological hurdle I too have got over. The programme works and if you have got past W5R2 you are ready for it. I'm not saying it is a walk in the park but the buzz at managing to run for 20 minutes is incredible. As the others have said don't try and break records, really moderate your pace to keep going.


Trust Laura, trust the program, trust us!

Don't try and go too fast...if you're getting tired, slow down and then slow down again.

Good luck and let us know how brilliant you feel afterwards! :)


Good Luck Ladies.

I`m going to try W5 R3 tomorrow too.

I have had knee pain all week and pulled my back yesterday opening garage door but both have eased so I`m going to give it a go. EeeK!

Like you I`m amazed I have run for 10mins.

Injuries are a pain (pardon the pun) but I`m in this for the long haul so if tomorrows run is too much I`m just going to give myself a wee bit more time and try again.

Let us know how you get on.

We did it!!!! Can't quite believe we managed it - feel great, thanks for all your support!

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