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Hmmm Think I lost my MOJO somewhere !!!

Good Morning Peoples....

Well I woke up feeling not too bad this morning, puffy knee had gone down and no pain on walking, good sign I thought so decided to go for a run, did week 9 again but I think I started off too fast as managed to get down ok but on the way back I had to have a couple of pit stops.....I just felt weak like I had lost my mojo....WHAT !!! This cant be happening to me.... yes it was, I just could not keep going, I had no pain in my knee at all but I dont know what it was I just felt that I had lost my I gave in and stopped 3 times mind you....Oh when I got home I was so disappointed in myself, why did I do that I thought...what is going on...maybe I thought I was better than I am....thought to much of that graduation badge maybe ??

I was planning to go in my first parkrun on sat dont know if that would be a good idea maybe I should give it another couple of weeks and try then...maybe I need to get my fitness back up again....what do you all think, all you graduates out there...I need some help with this please....

pinkus :-(

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Ohhhhh Julie, Julie.... Nooooooooooo, you have NOT lost your MOJO, absolutely not :-) . Last night i did a work out, cycling & fitness interval training - i know the workout really elk but last night sthg really weird came over me, my muscles wouldn't work, i felt nauseous from only very slight exertion and i had to take a few moments out over only 30 minutes in total. I thought OMG will i cope with a run tomorrow? Elk I'm going to try and whatever i do i will be gentle. There is nothing wrong, your body is just trying to catch up with the brains' expectations and it always takes time.

Everyone in this forum experiences days when the body just says 'wait, please let me just catch up and get used to this'. we may become runners in 9 weeks but the subconscious mind takes a long time to convince that one is not just going through some temporary aberration !! Lol :-). Take it easy, why don't you try W5 again just to settle everything? Good luck and be gentle, Sara :-) xox


it sounds like your knee is fine but the rest of your body could do with another day or two off ;-) I'm not sure for how long you haven't been running, but when I had 10 days off with flu and broken toe I was really scared that I would have to start again. Not so, the enforced rest was really good for me.

In your position, I might take the rest of the week off, chill out, maybe go for some walks only and then go to the parkrun on Saturday and treat it as a 'shakedown' to see how my body is feeling, rather than a race, thereby avoiding any feelings of disappointment if anything is amiss.

I think your mojo was probably just having a nap, it'll be back before you know it! :-D


Do the Parkrun ... so what if you have to walk...its too much fun to miss out. Plus, if your first recorded time isn't that great, your second recorded time may well have those lovely letters "PB" by them in the stats table. You get a "first timer" in that column for your first run.


Go and do the Parkrun you will be fine. We all have off days, lost mojo days. I find mine down the back of the couch quite often, when I can't be bothered thats were I look. But seriously everyone has days where they just don't do as well as others, the thing is you did a heck of a lot more than just sitting on the couch. I also find if I've had a bad run one day the next one is more often as good as they get. So put that day behind you and look forward to a good run on Saturday. Relax and enjoy it, the other runners will pull you along.


Yep, defintely do the Parkrun - if you've graduated you can do it and it's been my experience that the atmosphere can bring the mojo back. I personally did have a bit of a post-grad slump and since then have had a few more but just keep at it and you'll get the mojo back. The last few weeks I've dumped Endomondo and the interval training and just ran for the sheer joy of it and it's done wonders for me. Perhaps ease up, try a new playlist or route?


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