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Yeyyyhhhhhaaaa I AM a runner, even with a bag of peas on my knee!

Hi all!

Firstly thanks again for everyones kind words a week ago when I injured my inner knee after week 6 run 2 and feared the worse, anyway I rested it for a week (thank god for the heavy snow really or I would have been even more upset that I couldn't go out!) And today I thought as the snow is gone I would go out and just see what happens.

I decided to do the warm up from the 30 day shred first (as its on utube and very short) I just thought it might help me warm up a bit more before leaving the house for the brisk walk. So off I went!

Week 6 run 3, the full 25 mins done! I was VERY careful about how I ran and I was very slow but I did it! I didn't even really get that out of breath, perhaps its cause I've been going to fast in previous runs so it sort of seemed easy (dare I say it?). Came home with no knee pain so quickly did the 30 day shred cool down and just for preventitive measures I've got a bag of peas on my knee!

But now I can say it....I AM A RUNNER! a very happy one looking forward to week 7!

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Well done Katy, I do my run 3 tomorrow morning and quite bizarrely, am actually looking forward to it. Or to be more precise, I'm looking forward to how I'll feel when it's done.


Welcome to week 7!!!! I wonder how many of us runners keep bags of frozen veggies around to Not eat??? ;-) Gayle


I too did W6R3 this morning, after a weeks snow-enforced lay-off. I nearly laughed out loud after 5 minutes, when Laura told me not to get too confident (little chance of that!), but by the 20 minute mark, I found I had hardly broken sweat. The last five were a little slower, but I think that was just the mental block of knowing I was close to the end and I managed to fairly sprint the last minute.

I was worried about the week off and considered going back a couple of runs, but I think it actually helped my legs recover. Hopefully they will be fit enough by Wednesday to it all again.


Brilliant, katywoo and Wepre (what is a wepre? I keep wondering!). Really good to hear that the enforced snow break didn't cause any problems - maybe it actually helped, who knows?!

I bet those two reports have encouraged Fingalo too. Shut that barman in the cupboard now, sir!


Wepre is a country park and woods in Wales that I am lucky enough to live right next to - perfect for trail running (and sledging all last week!)


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