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Week 1 - day 2 ....I've started so need some encouragement

Just started C25K on Monday and did my second session today. The podcast is great. Feels like my personal trainer is right there with me and the music really does help. I started to wilt a little halfway through and struggled even through the middle run but it's still a lot more than I thought I could do up to now so I'm determined to get into it.

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hi stick with it youre doing great, i really liked the podcasts too and helped me stick with it.

good luck


keep going, I'm literally counting the hours until I can and do my first week 9 run tomorrow morning, yet I didn't manage to complete week 1 day 2 first time, so you are already ahead of me


You CAN do it. I'm going for W3R3 tomorrow and every run I've done has been a struggle but I've got this far so I know you can do it.


Doing w4r3 tomorrow.

I had doubt about being able to run around the block... :-) And now, I have caught the running bug!!!

You'll have days where you are doing amazingly well, then the next run you will struggle for a shorter run. So don't feel down when it happens, we all have day with and and day without. What I've learned so far is:

- Stretch before and after

- Drink plenty of water (keeps you hydrated and helps prevent cramps)

- Go slowly or don't go to fast!

- Good pair of trainers (only bought mine 2 runs ago, as yes, it's an investment, but I feel the difference)

- Listen to Laura. Stop when she says so, not before!

And keep blogging about your experience and read about others. You'll always find some funny comments, relate to others experience and share tips!

Good luck and go you!


Thanks for all the positive support.


Stay with the plan and you will be amazed at your progress! I went from not being able to run a full minute to this week doing 25 minutes of continuous runs! All of the advice from the others is great and we welcome you here! :-)


Just another voice to help encourage you. I agree with what everyone has said and would just endorse the same message, it works, don't give up.


I do my second run tomorrow bertie! You sound like you got through the 1st one ok, so no doubt you can do the second one. I'm a bit nervous because I ache so much after my first run yesterday but I'm putting my trust in the program and so many people on here have done it, had ups and downs and got through - they and I are here for every step of the way whatever happens. Good luck with your next run! Let us know how it was - I'll be comparing notes!


I did my 2nd yesterday and then last night had a brisk one hour walk with my friend. We're supposed to do it every Wednesday but haven't been out for weeks. Not sure it was such a good idea doing it the same day as I'd also done the C25K session but hey ho no pain no gain etc etc. I'm stiff today but not sore stiff think just muscles waking up after not being used for a while. Well done mundomagic for getting started on the programme. Let's compare notes as we go along .... there was so much encouragement after my first post it really did motivate me to do this thing.


I'm at the same level as you 3 tomorrow! I was stiff and sore last night but just slightly stiff today like you bertie and mundomagic, it is quite a challenge but we will get through it. I'll be looking out for both your blog posts to see how things are going. Let's do this!!


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