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Survived the snow, ice, wind & rain, but then the flippin' mud gets me!

I was really enjoying this morning's run having worked my way back to W9 by half term as planned. It was a great run, I had about 90 seconds left & was thinking I might even be quite close to reaching 5K as well as managing the 30mins... I thought I would even speed up a bit for the final minute.

The next thing I know is splat- I've slipped on the mud and am lying spread eagled on the cycle track. I grazed my arm and my leg, my ankle hurt A LOT & my left side was covered in mud. The only saving grace was I was wearing gloves so my hands were ok and I don't think anyone saw me! By the time I got home I was limping quite badly.

So what bothers me now is how long it will take for my ankle to get better. It's the same ankle that stopped me running back in October and while I quite enjoyed doing the earler weeks again after my extended break I really don't want to have to do that again. I was so motivated this time and was definitely finding the runs more enjoyable. I'm feeling very cross & frustrated (but slightly better now I've had a good moan about it on here). Here's hoping I can get back out in days rather than weeks.

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Hi Kate

It's so frustrating, isn't it?

I'm doing the program for the second time after graduating last June and then having 6 months of injury and illness. Have got to week 7 and now have had to stop due to chest infection and flu. Was feeling better at the weekend but now have lost my voice!

So annoying!

I hope your ankle isn't too long in recovering, but best to be safe than sorry. A fall really shakes you up, doesn't it?

Take care



Thanks Jane,

I felt so silly as well as being hurt, grown ups just shouldn't go falling over should they! And so frustrating as I was doing so well...

You sound as if you've had a lot to deal with, well done for starting again after 6 months, hope you can get back out there soon.

I keep thinking maybe I should try something more gentle, like swimming or cycling, but I really feel running is the most satisfying exercise I've ever done; 12 months ago I never imagined I would feel like that & I would absolutely hate to have to give up now.

Good luck with weeks 7-9, hope you re-graduate really soon

Kate x


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