OK, 1st session done!

I've lost 30 lbs since October by just starting to walk and doing some exercise at home. I also try and run a bit during my walks, so to be honest, I thought the 1st week of this would be a doddle. HA! god, the last 10 seconds of those 60 second runs seems to drag and how quick does the 90 second rest go?! But felt a real sense of achievement at the end, especially when Laura tells you you've run for 8 minutes - 8 whole minutes!! During one run, I looked up (I usually look at my feet so I don't see how far I have to go), the sun was shining and even the music playing was OK and I actually laughed :) So looking forward to the next session already

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  • Well done, the first run is the hardest. Keep looking up, it does make it easier, so does smiling (honest!)

  • Congratulations. I bet you feel fantastic. Well done on the weight loss too. I would love to lose some weight.

  • Great stuff on completing the first session! I'm another who focusses just a little ahead so I don't get hung-up on how far I've run or how much further to a certain point.

    It really does get easier, honestly! I barely finished the third run of my first session back in October, and yesterday I ran 10K!! Just have faith in the programme and keep the positive outlook.

  • Well done -keep up the good work.

  • fantastic - keep going you will continue to be amazed at what you can ahceive :-)

  • 'achieve' (hmmm this jogging lark hasn't improved my spelling in the slightest :-)

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