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1st Run done!

I completed my first run yesterday afternoon... I picked a gorgeous day, the sun was shining but cold so it was quite refreshing for that 90 second walk.

My partner came for moral support as he did his first run on saturday and the goal is to hopefully run together!

I have never considered myself a runner, I would of laughed in your face if you had asked me to go on a run... But I found it extremely rewarding and I felt really proud of myself that I managed to do that first step!

My next run is tomorrow, I am going to try it in the Gym as I am a little apprehensive of running through a dark park on my own at the moment.

I can't quite believe it... But I am actually looking forward to it!

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That's a wonderful start. Well done & take it steadily. 😄

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Well done!

My wife and I are having a go - we haven't gone straight in at week 1 we are just building up to it but we look on track to start week 1 properly on Monday.

Good luck to both of you! Look forward to hearing how you get on!

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Brilliant.. slow and steady.. and on you go:)

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Well done.

Read the guide before you get too far.

Enjoy your journey.


Well done. Hopefully you’ll be out in the park again as the mornings/nights get lighter. Can’t blame you not wanting to run in the dark. I’ve done it once and it was a bit scary😵


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