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Well today I have run for 30 mins, and covered in my classic running style, a distance of 2.3 miles or 3.7 km, this I kid you not nearly made cry when I had finished!

I also cannot drink whilst running, after nearly choking a few times and almost stopping I gave up. This I know will improve in time so hurrah!

I'm more than happy with the distance covered as I know I will get there when my body is ready, my stamina has improved leaps and bounds over the course so far, and reading how everybody is doing really helps me, so good luck everyone!

If you have just started, well come on! You know that's the hardest part right?

All the best


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Brilliant Dale - another 30 minute runner! Hurrah! :D Now you know graduation is sooo close!

I had a choking episode with a cup of tea this morning - nearly spat it all over my laptop, but just managed to hold it in! So glad I didn't cut myself off from this forum!


Fantastic Dale, I'm in awe as I nearly killed myself doing 20 tonight!


Well done Dale, 30 mins at week 7 awesome :-)

I have yet to try drinking and running simultaneously, not sure its possible :-o


Yay, well done, Dale! I haven't even tried to run and drink at the same time - I fear I would be doomed to failure :D

Keep running, and keep blogging to inspire us all!



You know what they say about men and multi - tasking, stick to running or drinking but not both at the same at the same time

Well done!


You are sooooo ace! So positive and enthusiastic! I always smile and sometimes laugh at the comments you leave on people's posts. So extra well done Dale on a great run and a great attitude - I hope all the new guys read this and it spurs them on heaps.

The very best wishes en route to your graduation.



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