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Wk7r1 done

Despite a bit of cold and slightly tight chest from it , I decided I would give it go anyway, fully expected not to able to complete, but desperately wanted to give it a go.

So despite the cold and have to be honest a very heavy weekend away with lots of alcohol and meals out , and still feeling the effect of last night as well . Off I set , the first 5 minutes of running were soon done. When Sarah told me I was half through I thought I would do . The last 5 minutes were very hard , although I did manage to speed up for the last 2 minutes.

If you would have told me 6 weeks ago that I would run none stop for 25 minutes I would never have believed it.

This programme is brilliant and the support and advice on here is fantastic.

I wasn’t fast but I did it.

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... and survived.. ! Now, rest up... and feel better before you head out again.. the runs are still there.. and you need to take care of you!


To be honest feel much better since the run .


Exactly Nemota ....exactly, you did it!! Fan-bloomin-tastic....I love my monday morning run...it almost always seems the best run of the week for me...you’re nearly there now, if you feel the urge to take extra rest days during these longer runs, that’s ok...it helps sometimes, especially when your a bit under the weather...enjoy the rest of the week 😉


Yes thanks. I run Monday,and Wednesday early evening and then Friday morning . I do try and do other training ie gym etc on Tuesday(just done an hour and 10 minutes in gym)Thursday and Sunday , but Sunday training is directly related to how good a Saturday night I had😂. This makes me sounder a lot slimmer and fitter than I am

pS Saturday is for doing what ever I want . 😁


Brilliant well done 👏


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