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Hi all! Does anyone know if there are any podcasts that would take me up to 10K, which involve running to the beat like the C25Kplus ones?

I find it easier to run to a distracts me from the job in hand which really helps.

I love all the C25K+ podcats but I need to move on, and Samantha is too quiet for running near traffic.......and it seems I really need the beat!


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You could check out audiofuel, I really like there 'feelin free' set for when I'm doing my 10K's, it definately has the beat, I ran to it this morning.

It isn't a podcast, but you could build your own program and use this for the beat, good luck :-)


Thankyou, other people have mentioned this so I'll investigate. Can't believe how nice and helpful everyone is here! Fantastic :D


If you like R&B style of music then try Suz From 5k to 10k on iTunes. Very upbeat. :)



Thanks Sue, sounds good. :)


I'd second Audiofuel as Phil suggests:

They do not set out a programme to follow. but you can find many 10K training plans on the 'net, and add any suitable mp3 from the many available. They do intervals sessions and timed sessions - with or without coaching - and with a range of beats per min.

Like many others here I made up my own plan based on one speed run (intervals). one tempo run and one long slow distance run each week - increasing distance by no more than 10% each week.

I use the Audiofuel 20 minute 'Power Up 2012' pyramid interval mp3 for my speed training once a week. This is an intense intervals training session, and I can't complete the whole session yet.

I plan to use one of the timed Audiofuel mp3 for my 30 - 40 min tempo run once a week (I'm just getting back into a routine since injury, so still taking it easy).

Personally, I prefer not to run to the beat for my long slow distance run, so either go without music or go with my own choice.

The music on the Audiofuel running files is not what I'd listen to usually, but I find the beat is easy to follow and hard to ignore!


Try this one, its a huge file. Quite a few of us oldies have tried it. I found going back to a run/walk a bit disrupting. If you google bridge to 10k you will find quite a few options.

Good luck


Thankyou, as a certified oldie I'll certainly have a look at this :)


I forgot to mention, you can get free podcasts with a bit of coaching and 'running to the beat' music at Podrunner:


Brilliant, thanks so much for all that info. I love this forum!


Wow this forum is amazing! Thanks so much everyone for all your ideas & for taking the time to help. Now I'm inspired !!!!!


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