royal navy fitness test

Hi guys

I need to do a timed run for RN distance is 2.4km so mile and half. last run I did was 15min 17 sec, on treadmill (as this is how the test is conducted). I have yet to beat my required time of 14min 05sec. I only seem to manage it for 5 mins, not sure if its bordum or if its simply that im not fit enough, any advice would help including any plans etc im getting really annoyed at myself for this cheers.


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14 Replies

  • Maybe adrenalin might help on the day. How long have you still got?

  • Have you calculated the speed you need to run at to achieve that time?

  • Yes it 10.6kph

  • Some form of interval training might help ? What about the speed podcast ?

  • I wouldn't necessarily believe what that treadmill is telling you - speed or distance wise. They are infamously not well adjusted. Since this is obviously a very important (to you) test , I would recommend that you seek out a proper circular running track and try yourself out there - even do further training there . I would be willing to bet that your naval test will be carried out on such a track ??

  • I think it's carried out on a TM

  • Hmm -- OK - may be worth confirming??

    One thing to consider - most of us can run "fast" , but only for a short time. You are going to need to run at a pace of 5mins 50 per klm over 2.4 k. You firstly need to be able to run at that pace over 1K . So try running at that pace for 1K - take a couple of minutes breather - do it again and again until you have done it 3-4 times - 3-4 klms . Once you are able to do this - say 4 times, Then start reducing the time of the "breather break" until you can run 2.4 k continuously at that pace. :)

  • Sadly not they conduct the only time on treadmill during pre joing all other fitness tests are on track

  • That's faster than I can run ,but I think it might be worth trying intervals, apps like myrun have pre-programmed fartlek sprints and some other ones so you can choose what you think might be the most useful.

  • That's faster than I can run too, even on a short sprint. Still a lot of work to do!

  • Hello, u have not mentioned when this event is. If u have enough time it's possible. U ll need to do one fartlek run, one easy run and a long run considering only 3 runs a week. If u run more days u can add them up as easy runs.

    Should be something like this:

    Tuesday : Fartlek - 1km warm up, 2 minutes 5.30/km pace run, 2 minutes slow. start with 2kms and build upto 5kms. 1km warm down.

    Thursday: Easy run - 5kms very easy pace run. U should be able to hold conversation for the whole distance.

    Saturday: Long run - start with 6kms and build up 0.5km every week. Pace should be easy to very easy.

    If you follow this for a month, ur target is definitely achievable. Keep us posted.

  • There is some good advice above. I'm in the interval training and speed work. Maybe try the speed podcast and see what your pace is with that. Normally I wouldn't advocate working on speed before graduation but you have a time limit and it's very important to you. Your legs will only carry you as fast as your muscles can so some squats and Stregnth work On Your core might be of help as well. Always remember rest inbetween hard runs is as important as the speed work as tired legs cannot carry you very far. If your going to break down your muscles with speed work more often then make sure you refuel after a hard run. I wish you the best of luck, it's a big job your asking your body, give it all the help it needs to get you there. Keep us posted.

  • It’s all in the head, when I was a young lad I trained for the Army entrance test, on the day of the test I ran my socks off and smashed it. If you go for it with a positive attitude you do fine on the day, Just have a bit of faith in yourself.

  • Cheers nice to hear a possitive not what have been hearing from guys "is that it 14 min ain't long" yeh but your a guy you got more muscle than me and blood supply. Your right attitude is everything

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