Well I got out there again

W1r2 was just as horrible as w1r1. I think I was hoping that it would feel easier second time out whilst really knowing it wouldn't. I did find some satisfaction from not letting the squally weather beat me though and was welcomed home with "I'm proud of you. It would be so good if I could do the third run this week. I am not a sticker. I need to be. I want to feel proud of myself.


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  • You should be very, very proud of yourself as you found it hard going but still got out there a second time. I'm like you and don't tend to stick at things, but I'm on week 4 and did my first run of the week this evening. I haven't enjoyed a run yet! But what I do get a kick out of every time is the fact that I've done it again, clever old me! Go on Ruby, get out there again and give yourself that warm glow! You never know, if we both stick at it one day we might even start enjoying it!

  • Thanks Koraline - it does feel better being in the same boat as others and yes, the having done it bit is good.

  • Keep going Ruby, just one run st a time - you can do it. You should be very proud of yourself.

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  • U should b proud that I've done the 2nd run I hate giving up too but wen u do each run u will feel proud and I look forward to the next one because I wanna feel proud keep going πŸ‘

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  • I am also a quitter but I am on week 5 - my friends assure me it gets to the point where you love it and the endorphins kick in. I am not there yet but have felt pretty good after some runs! Even if you repeat week 1 for a few weeks you're on your way! Xxx

  • I would love to love it. Working on thinking positive but v. Impressed you've got so far if it is still grim. Congrats!

  • Just slow down... relax into it... one slow step in front of the other. You can do this.... trust in the programme. have faith in yourself....:)

    You don't have anything to prove....so, stay positive...try not to start a run, knowing it will be bad... start the run knowing you can do it... you did it, despite the weather... you fought the mind gremlins...be a sticker.... choose to do it...and

    " If running is difficult...then just run some more " :)

    Go for it :)

  • Thank you. Wise words. Will go again on Thursday.

  • I too have been completing each run but not enjoying it ( now Week 4) and I am finding that the feeling of being proud of myself is more extreme than for anything else for many years. I said the other day it felt rather irrational, childish ( or maybe childlike) to feel the way I did when I got back in. Maybe as adults we forget how to bathe in our own smugness, does no harm to remember once in a while.

    Keep at it, you will succeedπŸ’πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ’πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ’

  • I do get that and as you say, it hurts no one. I am full of admiration that you have kept going. Lots of inspiration to be had from voices here. I hear it.

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