Does anyone know if there will ever be a Bridge to 10k podcast available on here...? I think I need help moving on!

This is such a great site, and I feel strangely loyal to it and to Laura...I don't want to go elsewhere!

i've been doing my 30 mins three times a week, using my own music etc, but in a funny way it seems to be getting harder!! And I'm wondering if that's because I actually need something to aim towards. Do any of you friendly people have any suggestions?

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  • There is supposed to be something coming in May Cathcakes. Meantime, somewhere on the site, Andystev has put my old B210K podcasts in Dropbox for general access.

    I think it is here:

    If you have any problems, I still have the originals on disc - let me know!!

  • Thanks so much Carole - really helpful. And how exciting that something might be appearing this month....!! I'm slightly dreading it, but I like the feeling of conquering a new challenge.Yikes!

  • They do take quite a while to come down as they are very large files so be patient!!


  • You could also look at the Audiofuel website - they have tracks you can download (for a price!) which 'coach' you to run to a beat and speed you up..... the new 'Laura' podcasts are based on their stuff.

  • Thanks juicy (can I call you juicy...?!) That's fab. You seem to have insider knowledge about the new Laura podcasts...hmmmm, i will watch this space. Will it be advertised on here, or will it be posted in some obscure corner of the site, i wonder..? Anyway, many thanks, and I hope your running is going swimmingly (so to speak) :-)

  • I need help moving on too. I finished C25K in November and despairing that it is not getting any easier and nor do I appear to be getting any better (faster, furthur,fitter, lose of weight). I am really disheartened after being so proud of myself.

    Reading the blogs and question has spurred me on again. Looks like I should just concentrate on running for 30 minutes without stopping 3 times a week. I'd love to manage a Parkrun but on bad days could not run nonstop or the distance Ahhhhh!

  • I know, it's weird, isn't it. I don't feel particularly fitter either since graduating, some days are still quite a struggle! The other day I had to stop half way up a hill that I'd managed a few times before...But the feeling of achieving a little bit more each time is such a spur, so maybe this Bridge programme is the way forward. I haven't done a park run, but it sounds fun - in fact I have never even run in company yet (not sure the general public is ready to witness that yet!) ...I suspect that running with other people around you gets you going a bit. It's on the To Do List!!

  • this is exactly what I've been worried about (posted a question and feel bad about cluttering up the board now, as I should have found you first!). Audio fuel website looks good (thx 'juicy') - do let us know how you get on. I'll join you in eagerly anticipating the new Laura podcasts :)

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