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Okie dokie ... W2 underway!

No real reason to blog except to say W2 now underway. Lots of thanks to everyone else who has written blogs and inspired me as I give this challenge a go. I decided against listening to Laura ahead of run 1, so went out into sleet and listened my way through warm-up and first 90 second run. Made it happily. So chuffed and exhilarated. Only at the end of run 4 did I have to use my inhaler - I really had probs with Laura's breathing technique. Am sure it'll all fall into place soon. Again, I have derived so much encouragement from fellow bloggers. Lots of thanks and lots of luck to you all..... Keep on running ... x

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Keep it up! Week 1 was probably the toughest one for me - actually getting started. I wouldn't worry too much about the breathing technique. I just breathe when I need to, and it's worked so far (on week 9 now). Actually, I did try counting my breaths today, out of curiosity, but gave up after about three breaths because it was so distracting and putting me off! Maybe the idea is to use it as a deliberate distraction for when the going is tough, but it didn't work that way for me!

(I'd also ignore Laura's comments - can't remember which week - about landing on your heels - I don't know anyone who finds that useful - most people seem to find it more comfortable to land on almost flat feet, and you'll be less likely to get knee and lower leg problems.) Otherwise, Laura is wonderful!


I can't make her breathing technique work for me, think the basic principle is to slow your breathing as much as you can, a tip I found in another book is to make sure your lungs are fully empty and then a really good inhale will follow. I think my stride pattern is different to Laura's and the more I thought about breathing the more I struggled.


When I tried breathing to a set pattern it actually made me struggle for enough air, no matter how I tried adjusting it to my stride. So based on lots of prevoius comments about this I decided to just let myself breath naturally. Ahhhh, so much better and easier, and one less thing to have to focus on. Just do what works best for you.


I just came across this while browsing around on - under Breathing tips for a beginner runner:


Start Slowly

Ease your way into a running program. Run at a slow pace initially; your respiratory system will gain endurance and strength with each run. If you can hear your breathing while you are running, you are going too fast for your current fitness level. Take breaks and walk if you get tired or experience labored breathing while running. The talk test is another way to determine if you are running at an appropriate pace; if you can carry on a conversation with a running partner, maintain your pace. If it is too challenging to talk, breathe and run at the same time, slow down your run.


I think the "if you can hear your breathing" tip might suggest that a lot of beginners are pushing themselves too hard! It also says some people mouth breathe, some nose breathe and some do a mixture (I do both) - and do whatever feels right for you!

Better to go slower and keep up with the programme than push too hard and give up!


Wow, thanks for that info I've been thinking that if I went any slower, I'd get a parking ticket! Maybe I was a tad enthusiastic, and this morning was so cold breathing was likely to be laboured anyway. Possibly with Laura's tips for breathing and tips for 'foot-fall' all in the same session it was a 'tip too far'. I shall take it more steadily in future. Again, many thanks and many congrats on your own amazing progress. Be assured, I am determined to complete this challenge - so no giving up in my plans :)


Hey well done on running with Asthma. :-)


Thanks mojo ... Asthma is new to me... And I don't like it, so determined to beat it! Had loads of little blood clots on my lungs a few years ago (would you believe as a result of breaking my leg and a ruddy DVT formed under my plaster cast!). My lungs are now weaker and following bronchitis last year, I now have asthma .... Yuk! Want to get lungs strong again ... May not ever get them to the athletic/swimming fitness of my youth, but I'm certainly determined not be become a wheezy, weak pensioner! LOL ;) Many congratulations on graduating. Which aspects of C25K did you find most challenging?


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