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Advice needed please - wk 1 or w2

Morning all, not sure what to do I completed week 1 last Monday but have been poorly over the weekend so my plans to start week 2 have been on hold. I did do combat last Tuesday and Wednesday but since then not done any exercise. Next run is going to be Thursday - will I be ok to pick up were I left off and start week 2 or should I now repeat week 1 again ... thanks in advance xxx

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I'd give week 2 a go and what's the worst that can happen? You don't do it and so you do a week 1 run. In that case one run of week 1 might be enough and then move onto week 2. All the best.


Pick up where you left off. C25k is progressive so carry on. You'll be fine. Just go slowly, set a smile on your chops, and away you go.

Have fun!


You can do more than you think you can :) Try week 2!


Yep, go for week 2. Don't think you've got to push yourself to go fast, just slow and steady and you'll get those minutes under your belt.

And as Miss W says, also chuck a smile on :) xx


Week2 :D go for it


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