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Newbie here

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Just joined HealthUnlocked so hello to everyone :-)

I've just completed W4R3. So far I've managed to get through each run without stopping but confess I'm a little anxious about W5. Not sure I'll be able to do W5R3's 20 min run but we'll see soon enough!

Every time I run, it's on a treadmill at the gym. This is for a number of reasons.

1. I have a dodgy disk in my back and running on pavements would be too harsh.

2. I also have had dodgy knees in the past but they're OK at the moment

3. I haven't yet bought any proper running shoes with sufficient cushioning. Just using flat sole plimsoles at the moment.


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Week 5 scares me as well guess we won't know untill we try . I think we just have to give it all we have got we have got this far .


Good luck and well done so far Ian 💪

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Ian-wants-to-runGraduate in reply to Kay906

Thanks Kay

Hello Ian and welcome. I am no expert but I'd say that although plimsoles are fine to begin with you're getting to the point where you should get some proper running shoes (especially with your dodgy knees).

You're right . I'll pop out tomorrow and get a decent pair.


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Welcome Ian

Mighty fine job so far in flat shoes... get some running shoes and you’ll find it easier.

You can do that 20 minutes... it looks harder than it is and the plan will have you physically ready. It’s a mental test, pace yourself nice and slow and keep it steady.

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Ian-wants-to-runGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks for the encouragement and advice.

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Hi Ian and welcome to the forum. Don’t worry at all about the 20. Everyone does, including me, but what you might not realise is that you would have already run for 20 minutes in a session by then. Your body won’t need those recovery walks in between. You’ll surprise yourself, and for me the realisation I could run for 20 minutes was the start of believing I could one day run 5k or even a 10k.

Like others have said, try and get some trainers soon. The longer runs might be hard on your knees even on a treadmill. I did the whole C25K on a treadmill and enjoyed it and I now do some runs outside and some still on the treadmill.

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Ian-wants-to-runGraduate in reply to GTypeR

Thank you for your encouragement and advice.

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I was really scared of w5r3 but I did it, trust the app and trust your body

If you really couldn’t do it you could repeat the week but I bet you will x

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Ian-wants-to-runGraduate in reply to blackcatgib

Thanks for the positive vibes !

Just bought some 'proper' running trainers. They had a treadmill in the shop so I could actually give them a go. Feeling confident they will help now.

Thank you everyone.


p.s. they are Mizuno Inspire 14's. That's the model name not the shoe size. :-)

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