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W5r3 DONE... and no ambulance required!

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So excited!

When I started (and could barely run for 1 minute) I read the podcast overview with the weekly breakdowns and really thought this moment would be an impossibility. Reading this blog over the last few weeks has demonstrated that, for many, this run is a big one mentally.

So pleased to have reached this milestone and not given up - absolutely worth it. Can't beat this feeling!

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Well done on getting through this big milestone. You are now over halfway and that green badge is getting in reach.

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melbelline in reply to PeaBea

I did W5R3 on Friday and only worked out today that I'm over halfway. How did THAT happen?! :-D

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:-) :-) Reading your blog reminds me why I try to come here and post to the newbies. You achieved something today that mentally, just a few weeks ago, you thought was impossible. :-) So very happy for you! I hope the battle wounds are healing nicely. Gayle

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ajf10Graduate in reply to gdeann

Thanks Gayle - bruises coming out nicely! Couldn't have done it without the support from yourself and some of the other grads. Hope to be as supportive when I get there myself! x

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Congratulations on that great big mental/physical hurdle! :)

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ajf10Graduate in reply to greenlegs

Thanks greenlegs!

I've got one run left of week 4 and can't imagine how this time next week I'll be able to 20 minutes without recovery... Is it really possible?!

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ajf10Graduate in reply to

Yes, it absolutely is possible. You can and will do it!

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Gobbyb in reply to

I said there would be no way I could go from running maximum 8 mins to 20. How wrong I was. I put the tablet on and started running and the first time i looked I had been running for 16 mins 39 seconds. I’m now week 7 run1 running for 25 mins and know I can do it as I’ve just done week 6 run 3 which meant running for 25 mins and I did it 👍👍👍 you will ace it

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Congratulations!! Now you know you can do it!

All the best


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Fantastic - well done :-)

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ajf10Graduate in reply to skf28

Thanks for the support :)

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Well done AJF, it was a huge hurdle for me before I did it then once I had, the gateway to completing the programme, so I always look for these posts.

And yes Newrunner, you can (and will) be able for it.

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So wonderful that you can now see the end in sight. It really does get easier bit by bit after the hurdles of the first longer runs. Congratulations!

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Oooh, so jealous! Well done you! I should have been posting something similar but ended up hospital visiting and didn't get in until 10 so will have to do it tomorrow instead, half excited and half terrified :-/

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Know how you feel, just done that run myself, well done!

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