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W5R3 done and dusted😀


Having read quite a few posts about this run I was impressed that so many people had completed it but worried I may not be able to.

But I did it, with encouragement from my hubby who runs with me (and much more easily than me).

After about 20 mins recovery I really felt I could do it again! Looking forward to W6 now.

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Well done, it’s a great feeling isn’t it! There seem to be quite a few of us who did “the big one” today :)

57jas60Graduate in reply to HoagyM

Yes there are quite a few at the same stage. I love that we have our own little club!

wyersmithGraduate in reply to HoagyM

Nice one! It’s great to see a bunch of people all roughly at the same point in the plan reaching and then smashing that first long run. This plan is amazing. Best of luck with the rest of your journey HoagyM. I’m sure you’re going all the way.

EssexdiggerGraduate in reply to HoagyM

Me too! I’m in that club- never thought I would be though!


Woohoo! Very well done- that run is a psychological turning point for lots of us! 😃


Definitely a defining moment, very well done


Brilliant! Well done. It looks (and feels!) such a mountain to climb in W1 and it’s such a milestone when you complete that run. Good luck with w6. We’re more than halfway to graduation!


I have to do The Run on Sunday. Hmm!

Couchpotato1972Graduate in reply to Pecora_Nera

Ditto. Really don't think I'll make it! But will give it a go!

Pecora_NeraGraduate in reply to Couchpotato1972

I think pacing ourselves will be the thing to do

57jas60Graduate in reply to Pecora_Nera

Definitely go slow and focus on reaching little milestones and you’ll soon be in the last 2 mins and you just can’t give up then! Good luck

AlMorrGraduate in reply to Couchpotato1972

To Pecora _Nera and Couchpotato1972, I can assure you both that you will make it, pace yourself, Just go slow and steady as they are always saying,

57jas60Graduate in reply to Pecora_Nera

Keep slow and focus on reaching small targets ahead. You’ll soon hear your coach saying last 2 mins - and you just can’t stop then.

Well done! It's such a great feeling to achieve this one. Onwards and upwards!


It really does seem to be a lightbulb moment run doesn't It, for the first time after and during it I really believe now I can do this....Bring on W6R1 on Sunday....we will all smash it 😊😚 fingers crossed 🤗🤗


Yay! Yes, a real milestone.


I've also completed this today... Wow! Amazing sense of achievement....was really nervous on the 5 minutes warm up walk...but wow, did it... We did it!!! Role on week 6 🙃

Hey - I completed this BIG one this morning. Great feeling isn't it?

I have run 3 to do as well. Only just managed run 2! One of our Monday group made it today nd now I'm even more worried. (Do other 2 runs on our own) well done you


Well done!!

I'm hoping to join the club over the weekend!!

I did my 20 minute run last night and I admit that I did have a couple of 30 second stops but I still did it and felt amazing...although I do feel at the moment I am walking faster than I run.

Roll on Week 6 run 1 :)

57jas60Graduate in reply to Star_Drew

I know what you mean about the speed but I’m guessing that will improve in due course.


I'm doing it on Sunday. It's inspiring to see people have done it & survived. Struggled a bit with R2 today.

delightfuldi in reply to Hidden

I keep struggling with run 2 of w5. Really don't feel ready for the big run. I think I'll do run 2 again tomorrow. Well done to every one of you that's done it. Your amazing!!

HiddenGraduate in reply to delightfuldi

I’m gonna give it a go on Sunday. As iannodatruffe says - what’s the worse that can happen? If I can’t do it i will repeat W2. We can do this. Good luck.

57jas60Graduate in reply to Hidden

I haven’t found any of the runs easy. But really didn’t find this one any harder than the others. It’s a bit like going to the dentist - the thought is worse than the visit. (Not sure if that helps?)

Well done 👍 amazing feeling isn't it 😉

I also completed w5 this morning to my amazement 😊


The thought that I might have to re do a run is normally a good enough motivator to keep running, plus having to tell my virtual running partner I failed

Well done! I completed w5r3 this morning too! Wasn't sure if I'd be able to do the whole 20 minutes but really surprised myself! Such a good feeling and couldn't stop smiling this morning! 😊


Yes i think you are right. It’s the mental challenge rather than the physical one.

Well done... I completed mine tonight.. Yay to us 😁

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