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Week 6 Run 3 plus a bit and I have hit 5K!


I started C25K on 1st January to coincide with my giving up 25 years of smoking. Wk1 Run 1 was hell! I could just about manage to run for 60 seconds without collapsing. I have religously stuck to the plan untill today, although a real struggle once i got to 25 minutes of running on the treadmill and seeing i had only 0.5 of a kilometre to go to reach 5k i carried on and achieved 5k in 27mins 36seconds. I cannot believe i can run that far! the last time i ran was at school 28 years ago. This plan is amazing, all the way through i have just trusted in Laura and the fact the plan has been tested by thousands and these positive thoughts have got me to 5k in 6 weeks. I still want to complete weeks 7, 8 and 9 but can now do so in the knowledge i can do it!

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Great going! Many a graduate is nowhere near a 30 minute 5K at graduation. You cracked it! :-) Gayle


Wow fantastic, I can run 5k and run for 30 mins but have never managed 5k in 30 mins never mind under. Well done :-)


Cor blimey! That is stunning. You really have made the most of your new year's resolutions, that's wonderful. :D

Keep up the good work!


bloomin 'eck I'm impressed - well done :-)


I hate you!

Okay I'm joking. Well done double R, I did my first 5k today on W8 R1 (took ten minutes more than you though) and have been thinking about where I go from here. Have you thought about how you're going to address the rest of the programme?

I thought as i am doing most of my runs on a treadmill, I would increase the speed slightly over the next 3 weeks and concentrate on running for the amount of time required and see what sort of distance that would take me? I suppose ultimately at some stage in the future the next step would be 10k! Although that seems a long way off

FingaloGraduate in reply to Reluctant-runner

That makes sense to me as now I've done a 5k, I'm all of a sudden interested more in measuring my progress more in distance ran than time I'm able to run.

Running on a 'mill makes that easier I think as you have all the numbers in front of you, however as I run outside I think I'll continue to listed to Laura until I graduate, then move onto a distance one. Although I'm more interested in improving my 5k time than going further.

It seems i'm about a day behind you, just did w6r3 a couple of hours ago. I'm curious did your 5k include the warmup walk? If it did i'm not to far behind, if it din't - wow, i;m going to have to pick up the pace.

bottom line is well done, it sounds like you've cracked the barrier.

I did the 5 minute warm up first then reset the treadmill to measure the time and distance for the run, so i actually covered a distance of 5.5k in total but did the 5k in the 27mins 36seconds. I did the warm up walk at a speed of 6.5 and the run at 11

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