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Life REALLY is a rollercoaster! W5R2 finally completed :)

Life REALLY is a rollercoaster! W5R2 finally completed :)

After reaching possibly my lowest ebb of my c25k journey on Monday, I come fighting back Rocky-style thanks to some wise words and a gee-up from this forum :D

Finally at the fourth attempt, I completed the 2x8min runs in Week 5. I took my speed down a notch as suggested and with a bit of grit and determination to come back on here with a success story, I did it!!

So thanks to those who replied to my blog of despair and the others who posted their own stories of achievement for getting me over this hurdle (hurdles? No I'll stick to running thanks)

I'll give it another go before I move on to the 20min run but feeling much more positive now, and won't be so hard on myself in future for having to redo a run or a week.


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Congratulations! Glad you made it, you've inspired me to be persistent when I don't succeed first time round :D

Really well done and good luck for the rest of the program :)


Huge well done x I have that run on Friday!!!! x


Thanks :)

Up til now, I had completed every run first time and at a speed of 9-10kph but was feeling really disappointed with myself at not getting tthrough w5r2 after three attempts.

Some sage words on here and reading others' stories made me snap out of and realise that I t doesnt always need to be done first time.

I hope my story help others with their confidence as theirs have helped me ;)


well done!

Really, don't worry about speed just now, a slow, steady pace that you can maintain for the time/distance is more important. Good luck for R3 and remember, physically you are totally prepared for it, the programme ensures that, it is purely a psychological challenge, and you CAN DO IT :-)

Good luck, can't wait to read your 'I did it' post!


I've done wk5r2 today also ..... well done us!! Going to give it a repeat before attempting the 20 min run.


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