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W5R2 x2 a day early

Hello guys,

Due to a day out tomorrow, I did week 5 run 2 today (a day early) AND did it twice- ran to the reservoir and after the last 8 minute run, reset the podcast so did 4 x 8 minute runs in all and the final warm down walk home and it was errrr....challenging! ;)

I found I had to take slower strides to try and slow me down and help me breath and the second run was a swine. At one point i shouted at myself "come on" and i made two fishermen (I hadn't seen) jump and I managed to pant back in reply "not. you. me" which made them laugh and encourage me to keep going.

I must say, I was anxious to get out and do this run but glad I've done it now and feel oh,so pleased with myself, BUT I am even more apprehensive about W5R3... but will approach it like this one which was "keep at it and you can always walk in 1 more minute" :D


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Well done! Just go steady and you'll be fine. Keep your stride short at this stage so you don't strain anything.

Have fun!


Thank you Miss wobble - i'm sure that Misswobblenomore now you've graduated :D

When I slowed my strides down they were naturally a tad longer but I will bear that in mind. My partner came out with me today and sprinted off to try and stretch his legs out (since he takes smaller steps when running with me) and ended up pulling his calf muscle in the second 8 minute run from exactly that -taking very long strides- poor thing. He is cross and annoyed now as it's set him back and he is a good runner (although not run regularly for over 8 months so just goes to show)

I have to walk to an appointment 1.5 miles away on Friday so planning on doing the run on the way back :)

Thanks again,



Did you tell him he over-strode? LOL


I did :D lol


I wouldn't have been able to resist!


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