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Hi there, well I kept my treadmill at 1% incline, I also kept the small increase in speed from the last run. The time flew by, did the first 10 mins and was very tempted to continue, but common sense prevailed.

The second 10 mins wehehehell..........poo!

The last two minutes I had calf muscles you could use as door stops, damn their fleecy

faces, but it was done! So I beat the living day lights out of them for good measure.

They thanked me, oh yes they did you at the back!

Now reading blogs and drinking tea.

All the best


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The important bit is that you did it! Congratulations - you really pushed yourself with the incline and the pace. Hope you don't ache too much tomorrow! :)


Well done you did it. Hope your calves aren't giving you any trouble today. Good luck with run 3 :-)


I'm doing week6r2 today. Definitely a case of mind over matter for me this week. Well done for completing it....and roll on run 3!!!


I always have the treadmill on a 1% incline but chatting to a trainer in the gym yesterday he claimed it should be at 2% to be anywhere near road running!! .....Bugger

Congrats by the way


Oh we'll done you. Keep it up.x


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