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Well what can I say...survived but barely is probably the best description of the experience. Somewhere during the first run for 5 minutes thought i would crumble but made it.. albeit dragging myself along in what must have looked like a very umbecoming style of jog/stagger :) By set 2 of the 5 munute run felt more like Rocky and at the end was bloody amazed I had survived and made it. Now to pluck up the courage to do it all again 6am Thursday. Must be the challenge and sheer determination not to give up that keeps me going :)

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Well done, keep at it!


You're doing great, Finally! It takes real guts and determination to get out there in the cold and dark! Good luck for Thursday. :)


Unbelievable!!! Today I did run2 of W4....cannot believe the change in how I felt today in comparison to my first run of the week when I felt I wasnt going to make it...I felt great...had energy to keep going without flagging and am now not as fearful of run3 ...I am in awe of how different it felt guys, it really really does work...the more we do, the further we get with our acheivements....keep going is sooo worth it.. This feeling so energised and ready for what the world throws at me is fantastic :)


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