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To be honest up until now I’d found the previous weeks OK. That’s not to say they were easy but I hadn’t coughed up my lungs as I’d expected. When I saw what was required at week 4 - it really was a “What the ...” moment. in week 3 we were running a total of 9 minutes now it was 16 - TBH I thought there must be a fault with the app and it had skipped a couple of weeks. Anyway, I did it and feel really great but there is one main niggle I have with the app and that is Micheal as the coach. On each of the 5 minute runs you can tell he is comming to say something during the run. I thought to myself “Thank goodness for that - time for a walk” only to hear him say “Only two and a half minutes left”. For Fxxx Sake!!!!! Micheal don’t do that - I’m on the verge of coughing my lungs inside out and desparate for the walk 😊. Anyone know if any of the other trainers tease like this. All the very best to everyone doing this routine. I really can’t belive I’ve just started W4 - very happy (despite stilling feeling I’m dragging a sofa with me)

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Haha yes I hate it when he does that - as soon as the app mutes the music I believe I can have a walk!

Ha, well done PaulBrad...don't worry you are leaving that sofa well and truly behind you now😉..

You are doing brilliantly, running slowly so that you have enough energy and puff to complete each run interval is the way forward... You will find your breathing regulates and settles in a few runs time. Trust the program it works, and I know the feeling when you hear your coach chip in with a time check ( mine was Laura)... dig in and keep going!

Good luck with Wk4 R2😊


This made me chuckle PaulBrad! Ive just finished w3....and I've been known to groan aloud when Laura chips in with 'Well done, you're half way there' sometimes I even reply with ' How would you know Laura.....can't breathe here'....🤣🤣🤣

Hi I did wk4 Monday Laura is the same 😂 run 1 done run 2 today


Mate I was exactly the same as you. When Sarah says you're half way through and doing great I thought f off I must be nearly done.But here I am having done w5r1 last night and looking forward to r2 tomorrow. I have thought about giving up in weeks two and four but have just kept going and when I think back to 60 seconds nearly killing me in week 1 well I feel a little bit proud

Did you feel like that when Michael used to cut in the 90 second walk - I used to think "Oh no I cannot run again yet" - when he was only telling me how well I was doing.😂

PaulBradGraduate in reply to Susan0854

Funnily enough I didn’t notice him doing this - I think it shows how much I wanted to stop during the 5 min run

Sarah does the same and I feel for it the first time. Powered through the others.

I found the 3 min run a big step and coughed up my lungs doing it so the 5 min run feels more a less the same.

Looking forward to week 4 run 2!!! Bring it!!!


The coaches mess with our heads!! It's a cruel and unusual punishment. But by W5 they go off in search of easier meat cos you're a Hard Man by then.

When in doubt, yell back at the buggers.

Dig in and keep going. Keep it nice and slow. You're going to smash W4 brother!!

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