I can not believe I've made it this far and every week increased runs have scared me half to death. I did w5r1 on Tuesday and struggled with the last 5 min run - How on earth can I run for 8 full minutes TWICE tonight - When does it get easier?? I run beside Gateshead Harriers training ground so while I look like an overweight turnip about to combust I have these amazing runners gliding past me - I will keep on going as the feeling afterwards it brilliant :)


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  • lol i'm trying to picture an overweight Turnip. Keep doing what you doing, I'm pleased to tell you, err it never gets any easier or at least it hasn't for me lol. You'll do it.

  • It does get easier. Ifyou stop increasing the workload every week (e.g., if you decide after graduation to consolidate by just continuing to run 30 minutes 3 times a week for a while) you will find that all the hard effort has worked, and that what seemed very hard now appears a bit easier.

    After that, many of us decide that we actually like the feeling of it being hard, so we then increase the distance or the speed or do something to make it harder again *lol*.

    The good news is that the programme is carefully constructed so that although it *is* hard work, the vast majority of healthy adults can successfully manage the increasing workload over the 9 weeks. I'm sure you'll ace w5r2, and you will rightly feel very proud for doing it :)

  • I know how you feel but I never thought I could so any of it but here I am completed W5R3 yesterday and everyone on here is full of encouragement and now all I can say is BRING IT ON!!! if a lazy couch potatoe like me can do it I say GO for it you will amaze yourself and feel knackered but great after it :)

  • I first completed C25K a couple of years ago, then after about 6 months fell out of the habit of running. For some reason, I'd still quite often struggled to do the full 30 mins post-graduation.

    However, I restarted it (again!) in January this year, finished it a few weeks ago, and am now doing a Bridge to 10K plan. Every run is still a challenge, for sure - but I look back and think that 2 weeks ago I could only do x, or a month ago I was running y, or 6 months ago I couldn't run more than a minute at all!, and realise just how far I've come. As Tomas says, you're increasing the challenge every run at the moment; that's why it always feels hard. But think back to week 1 and how hard you found that. And (if it helps), think of the hundreds, or thousands of people who've worked through this plan. We've all found it pushing us hard, and had our doubts - but we've got through it, and you will too! :-)

  • It gets easier, but not until sometime after you reach the end of the programme. I was going to write a lot more here, but there's no point. Tomas has said it all. Just go back and reread his response. Believe him!

  • 8 minutes TWICE - I did it. It feels great thank you everyone on here. Only my daughter and hubby know I have started this so it's so nice to share on here :-D

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