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Did the first of the runs yesterday.

Well what can I say, I was really expecting to struggle on this but…well didn’t.

I have changed the incline on the treadmill I use to a full 1% which strangely took away the pressure from my knees but made my lower back hurt??

I will look at the style of running naked or is it bare running I never can tell the difference, though my neighbours can.. I should coco!!

But I digress, I will look at changing my running style again, centre of gravity and all that stuff and see what difference it makes.

I, on a more positive note increased my speed a little. Every little bit helps and all that.

The time flew by and I have definitely improved my stamina as my breathing is now a full 4/4 rhythm.

My recovery is also much faster as I had almost returned to normal breathing in every walk sequence. Now this is either on of those “Good runs” or I have improved more than I thought, anyway we shall see on the next instalment.

On a quick note, Laura mentions about heel running again?? thought this would have been changed so as not to confuse by now..

Hope everyone is ok and still plugging away at it.

All the best.


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Whoo-hoo! Did you ever dream you would be at week 6 already? Great going Dale! Back to intervals can be challenging for some, me included. So happy to read it went well for you! :-) Gayle



I've got WK6R1 tonight and I'm worried as so many have said how tough this week is ... so thanks for posting.

Just wish the weather wasn't so awful!



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