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Help Worst run ever!

After joy of first big run 20mins in my world, thought going back to intervals would be a doddle but everything felt horrible! Had no energy, couldn't get a running rhythm together, my feet hurt and knees felt tight!? Felt like week one all over again and although completed, was the closest I have ever come to just quitting this run.

Is this normal? Actually dreading Tuesday now and feel like end seems so far away!

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Yes yes yes 😊😊it’s completely normal. I’m currently on wk9(big yay!!) and I really feel that the programme is teaching me brain stamina as much if not more than leg stamina! Almost every other run I could stop after every single step. But there’s something about Jo’s encouragement that keeps me going.

So don’t panic and just keep going. And if you do stop, don’t worry just do that run again and it will all work out.

Really well done for getting to week 6.


It does upp end a few.. but you did it..the runs are all about different disciplines and you did it... :)

Relax, and do not dread... know that you are ready and you will do it :)

Every run is making you stronger and making you mentally able to run... all you have to do now is believe it :)

Anticipation not apprehension :)


I (and many others) had exactly the same reaction to W6R1 - it was probably the hardest of the whole programme for me (except for W1R1, but that was just the effort of heaving myself off the couch - the run itself felt OK). My very first post was W6R1 when I discovered this forum and was relieved to find lots of other people struggling with this run. Don't dispair - it's behind you now - you are well on your way to being a runner!


Thank you for comments, really great to hear! Hoping at little blip in an otherwise really enjoyable process!

Was just so out blue hit my confidence 😭


Yep. The reason you couldn't get into your running rhythm is that the intervals came along and stopped you. If you look at the W6 posts you will see that many people find this week tough. We all let our guards drop a bit this week, as we have all just run for 20 mins and feel invincible.

W6 is a longer overall time so will have you on your feet and moving for a longer period. Also the intervals are challenging and stop you running just before you body would naturally fall into steady a rhythm. Plus you are running down the clock -"ten minutes that should be easy..."

The important bit is although you were finding it tough, you didn't quit!!

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Thank you for your comments, it's really reassuring to know others have been in same boat....20 min run was amazing really thought 5k doable right up until last night!

Will keep plodding, 😊

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Hi I hit this in week 4 the thought of running 5 mins petrified me then when i came to do it I couldnt. I pushed on allowed a little more walk that suggested to recover and by the end of the week I managed it. I went into week 5 unsure and when I saw 20 min run knew i wouldnt achieve that. I did was over the moon. Week 6 run 1 I hated stepping back to interval and found it hard but kept telling myself I had done 20 so i could do this one I dug deep and did. I think there will be one week in the programme that we hit this. Yours is week 6 r1, my advice be kind to yourself you have come along way so if you need to add a bit more of a walk or to repeat the run then do. You are doing amazing keep up the good work


Thank you, so disheartened but you are right need to stop being wet willy! 😭


No need to be kind to yourself


Totally normal. I think it's designed to make you realise that you can happily leave walking intervals behind! But you completed it, so you never have to do it again!


There is that I guess, will see what next run brings and stop being so dramatic!

Hopefully will all fall back into place.



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