W9R2 - thank goodness for a few days off before the last run

Oh my thighs! we've been running every other day for the last few runs and I've felt the ache in my thighs slowly getting worse. Only one run to go, but that will have to wait until Sunday or Monday as my daughter (and running partner) is away for the weekend. Think the extra rest day will be much appreciated.

My head has grown much stronger at fighting off the gremlins, I'm definitely breathing better too, but I'm not finding the runs getting any easier on the legs.

Inspired by other posts, I changed my music today. I was very relieved when Sarah interrupted the tunes to announce there were just 60 seconds left to complete today's 30 minutes. Simultaneously from my headphones 'Don't stop me now ('Cause I'm having a good time)' - NOTHING could have been further from the truth :D :D :D

Buuuuuut... so so close now, never dreamed I would make it right to the end. Warm glow of satisfaction :)


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  • You should definitely be bathing in that warm glow. Best of luck for your graduation run next week.

  • Thank you. We should be graduating around the same time. So excited :D

  • Very well done indeed...Just take that last run really slowly and steadily...( sounds like you may have been pushing a tad too hard, and try to land lightly and relax into the run.

    On the two rest days, do some other exercises. some squats and strength and flex should help...failing that some good gentle walking :)

    We want you cruising gently to the podium not hobbling in :)

    Good luck!


    My favourite, ( not) song line...from an ABBA track ".... just another mile" Ha!!!!!

  • Just another mile? Crikey!

    I know I will be nowhere near 5K, but there is a hard to resist temptation to ramp these last couple of runs up to see just how far I can get (well, being more honest, maybe just the last 60 seconds rather than the whole run!). I know that's the wrong approach, and one of my main exercises these next couple of days is to talk myself back into a slow and steady mindset :D

    Quick question Oldfloss - should I be doing things like squats on rest days while it is sore? or are they for later to prevent it happening again?

  • Ramping up is fun..but can be a good fast way to the IC too... I am a lot older than you and probably over cautious..but having said that..just done 3 K in 21 mins :) So it works:)

    Just , if the pain is bad, warming up your muscles, ( some would advice hitting the ice bath..brrr)...massage and then very gentle exercise... the thighs will let you know what is too much.. just try some strength and flex. don't strain but do it gently..foam roller too could help. The worse thing would be not to do anything and get stiffer and achier.. :)

    The whole exercise regime before we run is so important as is the hydration and what we fuel ourselves with, before and after :)

    The 5K will come... it does...honestly :)

  • Thanks. No chance of doing nothing here - an hour's dog walk every day and gardening for my job! I have a spiky ball which I have been using to 'massage' the sore leg - it feels good. Now back to work on that mantra 'slow and steady' ... a bit of patience is what I need :)

  • Easy to say hard to do :) take care x

  • Wow! Congratulations!

    I hope I get to week 9. I did my first workout for week 1 yesterday. Loved it. I'm not sure I will be loving it by week 9, but will be awesome to be so close to achieving the 5km goal!

  • You just did the hardest bit by getting started. Honestly. The program (and the lovely people here) will coax you gently to week 9. I'm not sure I enjoy each run, but I do feel silly pleased with myself and definitely enjoy that, and you can too. Keep checking in here, post on how it is going and above all believe in the program.

  • Thank you!

  • Well done. Nearly there. A few days rest. Are you stretching enough. I find that makes a difference to my calf muscles which started getting stiff around week 5. Take it slow and you will make it.

  • Stretching ? yes. Enough? maybe not! :D

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