Couch to 5K

Wk6R1 done!

Going through my music on my phone this morning to find the week 6 podcasts, I rememebered how I used to be so scared of them when doing weeks 1-4! In the words of the fabulous Miss Piggy..I used to think "Moi? Moi could'nt possibly exert herself that much!!"

It was another beautiful sunny morning when I headed up the lane for my warm up walk. I have ditched the jacket and now just run barearmed (eek! I hate showing them off but common sense prevailed...I needed to stay cool at all costs! Plus a bit of sun would do my pasty winter skin some good I'm sure!

It was a with a little trepidation that I started this run as I'd read all over this forum how hard it was for others after the famous 20 minuter of last week. The first 5 minutes were hard, but I attributed it to still feeling a bit sleepy and not much fuel running through my veins.The scenery was just beautiful which was a real bonus.(I just don't think I could manage tthis programme on a treadmill...I would have nothing to do but clockwatch!) The next 8 minutes were actually ok and the last 5 were really quite pleasurable, no wonder Laura and her pals had placed a track for that last running segment with the lines "it's so easy" or words to that effect.

I'm now hoping for similar weather so I can go out and do R2 of this week on Saturday morning. As much as the land needs rain, the woodland pavements will turn into a mudbath if it does...and I'll have to go back to boring old roads :-(

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well done. this run was hard for me so Im glad you managed it fine. isnt it amazing how quickly your body recovers after a run. especially the breathing. I am still amazed by that.

its beautiful here as well. just got back from my run & have acquired a red face full of even more freckles! cant wait til they join together :)

old fella out walking his dog saw me on my warm up walk & commented that it wasnt warm enough for tshirts yet. my reply was it will be once I start running hehe. couldnt be pfaffing around with a jacket today. but Im gonna have to give in & buy a baseball cap. 43 & in a baseball cap. whatever next!


Well done glad you managed to get it done! The trick on a treadmill is to put a post it note over the time so you can't see how long you've got to go - well that's what I do anyway ;) But then I just count the songs so I know roughly where I am.

Rest day for me today, but wishing I was out there strangely enough!! Well done again :)


Yes, it is amazing how quickly you recover compared to the early weeks! It's funny how a lot of people are commenting how they are itching to get out running on rest days... Whereas before, for some of us, every day was a rest day :) I'm sure there is some brainwashing going on here somewhere along the lines! :-)


yeah am itching to get out tommorow lol to start week 6


Me too! Hope I find it as good as you!


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