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Week 3 run 1

Well you wont believe it folks but just like Kirsty above I did wk 3 r1 this morning the wind was so cold but did not turn back, I cant believe I did it as running for 90 seconds last week was a struggle, but I did not give up and when Laura said now you run for 3 minutes I told her she,d be lucky ( I know talking to a machine is a sign of madness) but I kept telling myself I could do it and by jove I did. Roll on r2.

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Wahey! Good for you! :)


Cheers greenlegs


go nannyp! It's weird isn't it you doubt yourself before during and after the run but amaze yourself by doing it anyway :-) keep up the great work.


Thanks skf28 I really can't believe I am doing it, and I must have more faith in myself.

Hers to run 2 on tuesday. Hope the rotton cold wind drops, I live on the dengie in essex right on the east coast so the wind really blows. Happy running.


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