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Week 3 Run 1

Well after achieving that I was jumping up and down like some raving lunatic because not only did I jog for the whole 3 minutes but I jogged down the entire length of a road without stopping or going back to walking. Well chuffed with myself I might actually be getting better at this marlarky!!!! My legs ache but that's about it. I decided to stick with my hill thinking it would help me in the long run and my other 3 minute jog was uphill and I did that one too. Things can only get better kept singing it in my head like a song stuck on repeat!!!

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Sounds great keep going


Yay! Well done 😃🤗🤗

Rest up now and then go again nice and slowly. Have fun 🙂


That's great I felt beaten be w3r1 and have yet to get back out there I think I will do run 1 again before progressing to run 2. Well done on your achievement


Thank you to everyone here it makes me want to get my gear on and go for a run. Reading everyone's posts reminds me that I am not the only one and reminds me that I am falling head over heels in love with running. I am now looking forward to my runs.

jacqi keep perservering jacqui if me the hugest woman that is 7 stone overweight, the biggest knockers ever to be grown and the high blood pressure can do it - anyone can even you! I am due to go out for my next run tomorrow first thing when I get up on a sunday morning. Pick yourself a time, early or late evening. My runs until now have all been late evenings but wanted to try an early run. My point is you can do this just believe. Yes I ached yes I pushed myself and yes I am determined. I will do this it will not beat me think this to yourself while you go out. Give yourself that mental determination which makes you push yourself. Try to keep it slow mine is really slow I must look like I am running in slow motion however, it is a jog! Your foot leaves the ground before the other foot touches the ground so it is a jog. If you found it hard because of pain that is different. Perhaps one of the graduates could help you find a way to overcome why there is pain if any.


Your story is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing and good luck for the rest if your journey ❤


Thank you for the encouragement I was up and out at 7am and redone W3D1 didn't fully complete the first 3 min run I walked the last minute but managed the 2nd 3 min run woohoo! I'm also overweight and doing slimming world too so I'm hoping this will help boost the loss as wel as my fitness

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