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Week 3 run 1 (take 2)

Well this new blogging malarkey is a bit alien to me but having read other posts I'm inspired to have a go.

I started at the beginning of the program about 4 weeks ago having avoided all forms of exercise like the plague for the past 2 years. Gotta say after week 3, running for 30 mins still sounds like some twisted form of self harm but I'm pleased by the progress so far :)

This past week has been a bit of a flop, well, more than a bit - I didn't run at all. I'm nervous of week 4 as I found week 3 gradually got harder rather than easier :(

However, having read some stirring stuff from the other folk throwing themselves out in disgusting weather I'm going back out there to reconquer week 3 before stepping it up

Bring it on!!! They may take our lives.....

(cue rousing music)

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Well done Kirsty . I did w3 run 1 this morning I also was not looking forward to it but ....... I did it, I have been struggling with 90 seconds so to run 3 minutes but as I said I did do it, the first half was easier than the second but listerned to Laura and kept going, the really cold wind did not even turn me off, so good luck to run 2 and keep blogging.


Congrats to you too nannyp! Thanks for the encouragement, I found it much easier than last time I tried it so I'll complete two more then hopefully be ready to tackle week 4. Best of luck :)


Thanks Kirsty keep at it.


well done Kirsty. try not to worry about what's ahead (difficult I know) you've made huge progress already. just do as Laura says and keep it slow and steady, one foot in front of the other and then before ya know it you'll have gone and done week 4 as well! :-)


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