Hello everyone x

I have been following this site for the last couple of weeks and love it.

Today I jogged week 4 run 2 and for the first time ever I ran it outside in public(been doing it all on the treadmill at home)!!

I thought I was doing ok until today! But although I done it and don't ache as much as on the treadmill I feel like I wasn't getting anywhere while jogging? Does that make sense? I really am so slow! I think my jogging is as slow as my walking!!! I also felt very embarrassed when I met people! They probably think... what is the point of running if you are going to look that huge!!! I have lost 3 stone but still have another 3 stone to lose! Anyone else feel like this? x

ps, on the treadmill I have been walking at 3.5mph and jogging at 4.7mph but today I just seemed to be going up and down on the spot.


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13 Replies

  • Oh yes ... felt and still feeling ... week 6 next week x

  • Thank you Lisa xxx

  • I think a lot of people feel that it is harder running outside but I know when I made the switch at w2 I felt that the time went faster. Now I would only run on the treadmill if I had to. Be proud of what you are achieving - you are off the couch and running. Also, don't worry about speed at this stage and just focus on completing each run. Speed will come with stamina. Keep on blogging so we can read about your progress.

  • Thank you PeaBea xxxx It really does mean a lot xxx I know I won't give up(even though my family laugh at me) I have entered a 5k run in August to give me something to focus on so that should help! x

  • Maybe they laugh because they're secretly in awe of you, and don't want you to show them up? That sounds really hard for you. ((((Hugs.))))

  • I copied something I found on another forum onto here a while ago - some people found it encouraging.

    You mention what you think other people might be thinking - you could well be wrong! Go on enjoying what you're doing, and be really proud of what you've achieved already. :)


  • Oops, me again - I'm lucky enough to not be overweight (I've always been underweight if anything) - but my marginally 'improved' running speed today was a mere 3.6 mph. It's fine!

  • I get how youre feeling, i was the same and still are even now i have done the c25k program.

    i have lost 2 stone could do with 2 more and have never run outside always on my treadmill.

    I,m happy with myself as now i do 5k in 34min's 3x a week.

    chin up youre doing great xx

  • Keep going and be proud that you are off the sofa and running at all. Ignore the laughter of your family. You'll be the one laughing when you do your 5k. As for worrying about what others are thinking - don't. I started running at the end of September and graduated in November. When I first started running I only went out at night because I thought I looked ridiculous. Now I run during the day because I don't care what others think. You see people of all shapes, sizes and speeds out and about. Just focus on what you want to achieve, speed will come eventually (or not!) just concentrate on running for the required length of time and you will get there. GOOD LUCK!!

  • I have stopped worrying about what people think. I am doing it on a treadmill in the gym and am on week 4. I have lost 8 stone in total now, but still have another 6 to lose.

  • I know exactly how you feel, I am so self conscious and found i was trying to go way too fast and all I was achieving was making myself out of breath, exhausted , migraines and generally feeling despondent and useless as i knew it was not working for me.

    So Ive started again and this time slowed it right down hey presto it works.

    Don't worry what people think you will be the winner believe me.

    well done and keep going

  • You're doing fantastic, I think people will be thinking "I wish I could jog" :-)

    Congrats on the three stone loss so far and here's to the next three. I'm sure your family are really proud, but as families we often joke about things rather than say well done.


  • Thank you all so much for replying x Today I have done week 5 run 1(on the treadmill, but never mind) and I have to say I felt it was the best ever! I bought a new sports bra and better trainers and just felt great! Not sure which helped the most, lol but just feel like I can really do this now! Thank you again for all your support xx

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