Well hello treadmill!!

So as you could see from my posts I have been struggling with my running. I have been doing it only outside to give my pup some exercise and I felt like I was not improving for the last few weeks. But today, to start my strength training I wanted to do some run walking on the treadmill. Wow, such a difference. No pain in my calves (I did massage them before) and no other pain. I did 6 75 second runs with walks in between and then ran for 6 whole minutes at the end. Never ever in my life have I been able to do that!!! Thanks to everyone for their support. I really think I am going to stick with this and add some treadmill runs in in between outdoor runs! It feels so good to feel and see progress! Good luck to everyone today in their health efforts!


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7 Replies

  • Great that you've found out what works best for you 👍

  • Well done. Maybe mixing up indoors and out will add to the variation and that's got to be good :)

  • Every little helps.. as a well known supermarket tells us! You go for it and do whatever it takes :)

  • Well done Linds such a great start. Variety is the spice of life, so in and outdoor sounds a great combo. Looking forward to your next epic....

  • Excellent that you've found a way of lowering the impact while running which works for you! That's actually why I chose to run along the canal near my house, it's a softer surface :)

  • Although treadmill running may be considered less strenuous than treading the streets, it does have its advantages, since the slight bounce-back provided ensures that some of the force is absorbed, allowing a greater distance to be covered or for running intervals to be sustained for longer.

    Additionally, not only does the rotating belt allow legs to turn over at a quicker pace (than running outdoors) it also encourages a slightly higher heel pick up, meaning that the hamstrings and glutes receive a workout, while taking some of the stress off your quads.

    As such, the backs of your legs may have felt a little stiff the morning after, but hopefully they loosened up once you were up and about.

    Since your calves appear to trouble you when running outdoors, don't neglect them as part of your strength training.

    If you visit a gym to use the treadmill, should it also benefit from the presence of a StairMaster (those things in the corner that people dismiss at their peril), begin to use it, since it'll strengthen and condition every single muscle in your legs (particularly your calves), whilst also providing a workout that's similar in effort to running outdoors.

  • Awesome - thanks for all the great info MrNiceGuy

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