Ladies Treadmill Speed?

Hi Ladies, I'm not trying to be sexist, I promise! But the majority of men will have a longer stride than us, so they are likely to go faster on the treadmill.

I just completed W7R1 this morning on the treadmill after doing most of my runs outside since W3. I walked at 3.7-4.0 to warm up and then jogged at 5.1 for 25mins, cool down was 3.5. In 36.50mins I "traveled" 2.81miles.

What's everyone else at? I don't think I'd feel comfortable jogging faster right now, but I want to hit the 3mile (5K) mark! When I jog I have a calm breath, and don't feel too winded at the end of the jog... I can tell that it is a mental challenge to keep going, as physically I feel pretty good.

I'm curious to know what speeds everyone else is jogging at, and what distance/time they are doing?



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12 Replies

  • Hi, I did week 7 run 1 this morning too (on a treadmill). I walk at 4.4 kmph and ran at 6 kmph for about half the run and then 5.6 kmph for the rest. I ran 2.5km and with the walking it was over 3km.

    Someone shared this link recently, which is interesting:

    Hope that work!

    I'm hoping I will be covering 4km with the running and walking by graduation :-)

  • I tend to run outside at about 9kph. When I use the treadmill I warm up walk at about 6kph then run at about 8kph, sometimes interspersing with 9 or 10 kph if I feel like it. I generally run slower on the treadmill as if I go faster I get more tired more quickly (and bored) and so quickly give up, it being easier to give up as I only need to walk the length of the garden to get home, whereas if I am out on a run (at my 'natural' pace of about 9kph) and want to give up I've still got to get myself home so am less likely to do so. I hope that makes some sort of sense.

  • All I can say is that your much faster than me! Age does come into it, and previous fitness levels, as well as gender. I get the impression that it's relatively uncommon (not impossible at all, but less common) for women to manage 5k in 30 minutes by week 9 - and not that common for men either, unless they're young.

    Maybe the best way to judge it is to go at a pace that gives you enough challenge, but doesn't feel uncomfortable. If you're well out of breath and really uncomfortable at the end of a run, consider going a bit slower, and if it feels too easy, consider going a bit faster. The numbers are sort of irrelevant really, if your main aim is to just get fitter (but fascinating, and hard to ignore!)

  • *you're

  • I just did W6R3 today - I'm 52, female, very unfit! I warm up at 4.3kph, today I jogged at 4.9kph with about 5 mins in the middle at 5.1, then cool down at 4.3. It's not fast, it makes me warm but not breathless, but I don't think I could go any faster just yet. My aim is to get to W9 and then see about increasing my speed. Hope this helps!

  • I started W1R1 by walking at 5-6kph and running at 7-8kph. It nearly killed me and I thought I would never get through the programme. I really struggled with W2R1 but then read lots of comments on the forum which kept saying 'slow down'. Today (W2R2) I walked AND jogged at 5kph and it was so much easier. I'm going to stick at this - walking at jogging at the same speed - and slowly increase week by week.

  • Thanks everyone! That really helped!

  • I am a 55 year old female and I have done the last 2 weeks of the program on the treadmill due to the fear of tripping up on the uneven pavements outside. I wasn't sure what speed to set the treadmill at but have settled on 5.7 for the walking and 6.5 for the running. this seems a comfortable pace for me but I would say that everyone need to find their own pace and stick to what they feel comfortable with. I have to say that the benefit of doing it on the treadmill is the satisfaction of seeing how many calories have been burned!!

  • I did W9R1 yesterday on the treadmill (first time on the treadmill), and walked at 5kph, ran at 7.3-7.5kph for the most part, but upped to 8.5kph for the last 90 secs (which nearly killed me off!). Treadmill said my average was 7.3kph.

    Outdoors, my average pace is a 9:30 min/km (not sure what kph that is).

  • Early weeks I did 9kph but now on the runs later in the program (about to start week 8) I am running at 7.5kph.

  • I have only ever run on the treadmill. Think I have a bit of a fear of running outdoors so am always amazed at those brave people who run in all weather conditions outside. Anyway, I walk at 6kph and run mostly at 8.5kph now (starting wk 8) but do try and push up to 9 for last 10mins and did 10 for the last minute of my last run (which really made me out of breath but was fun to see how it felt going that fast). I agree with others though that age, fitness levels etc mean everybody goes at a different pace but would recommend trying to push yourself with your speed just to see what you can do (I find it an extra challenge to keep trying to push myself). If it is too much you can always slow down.

  • I'm on week 5 and have consistently done my walks at 6kph and runs at 8kph. Going to try and keep up that pace for the longer runs but realistic that it may not happen!!

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