Building distance and entering races!!

Evening all :-)

Did 5K tonight with C25K+ Stamina podcast which wasn't nearly as big a shock to the system as stepping stone was on my first post-graduation run :-)

Really enjoyed the run and largely kept pace - noticed I was a way past last week's point when I reached the 30 minute mark too, so that was good :-)

Plan to build my distance by extending my Monday runs (hence the full 5K tonight), keeping my Weds runs at easy 30 mins and keeping my Sat runs Park Runs (love park run).

Ordered a garmin so I can monitor my Monday distances running wherever the fancy takes me AND entered race for life in June and a local 10K in July!!!

This is sooooo exciting :-D :-D. Hope you're all enjoying your runs

Potty x


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17 Replies

  • Well done on your progress & plans. I use the stamina podcast quite a lot. I tend to have shorter runs twicw during the week then a longer one on a Saturday morning. There isn't a park run near me which is a shame. Good luck with your intended 10k. I just can't quite get to that distance yet but i"m working on it!

  • I'm not there yet, either Sharon, but I'm hoping the race will keep me focused on building the distance :-) it's a shame you don't have a park run :-(

  • Inspiring me Potty!! What's the difference between stepping stone and stamina? I need a post grad plan....firstly I need to run 5k and am not there yet. Once I can do that 3 times a week I will be happy to move on to bigger things. Who'd have thought all this back in January though?!!!! Well done you :) :) you must feel amazing!

  • I know, it's amazing what we achieve during C25K :-) The C25K+ program comprises 3 podcasts. Stepping stone, designed to move you on from C25K, Stamina, and Speed. Stepping stone left me feeling conflicted - shocked at how hard I found it but pleased with such a 'hard workout'. I guess it comes down to how fast you are when you graduate, how hard you find stepping stone. It took me 2 weeks to be mostly comfortable with it - but it was worth it. Laura, instead of telling you to slow down if you need to finish the run is barking out a pace - 1234-1234-1234 and encouraging you to push it :-) on the plus side having spent a couple of weeks with that podcast,the stamina one, which is 35 mins and faster pacing was much less of a shock and I really enjoyed it :-) I haven't tried the speed podcast yet. I do park run every Saturday which has been, until now, my only 5K of the week (have you tried park run yet? It's fantastic!) but I feel ready to start increasing my distance - so, I've registered for a 10K in July to keep me focused - blimey!

    When will you be doing your graduation run?

  • Thanks Potty, I get it now! Planning my grad run on Thursday (work permitting) feel like I need 2 days in between runs sometimes. I'll then do a few weeks enjoying running and building more distance, then see where I am in say 4 weeks time. My aim was always to run 'round the block' which is a 3k route so I'm pleased to have cracked that - which still feels beyond my wildest dreams when I started :) and is now 'easy'!! So who knows where we'll be in another 9 weeks?! Have looked into Park runs and there is one 5 miles from home, and also Run for Life is a possibility. Yay!!!!!!

  • I just love this: "Running wherever the fancy takes me". Just great!

  • It was one of my earliest motivators to start C25K, Rob :-)

  • All sounds good. I enjoy the Stamina podcast too and upped my speed. I'm just doing 5k every time I go out - still a struggle - I think I have this stubborn streak that says I must be able to do 5k everytime. Not much structure to my running yet.. Your system sounds good - my knees hurt after my first and only PR as the ground is a bit uneven. P'haps time to give it another go. I like your routine.

  • Seems to me, Buffy, that my knees, and sometimes my ankles, ache to some extent after any run where I push myself hard. First Park Run, first couple of stepping stone runs and today, a little, after first stamina. I think it's probably just my body saying 'you've asked a little more of me today' :-)

  • As long as we keep bouncing back - amazing where we've come. x

  • Hi Buffy, I have that same stubborn streak! If you're looking for structure too you might like the look of the plan in May's Runner's World that I've started. 6-week plan for people who can do 5k and want to improve. A nice table you can stick on the fridge and tick off! And in case you don't know, you can get three issues of RW for £3 if you subscribe, and cancel after that if you don't want them any more x

  • Bril thanks, I'll look that up. We all need discipline! And now this glorious weather's here, how can we resist.

  • Hi Potty, that all sounds great. Nice to have a plan and it sounds like a good one. Stepping Stones was a shock to the system for me too, but Stamina went well last week. I was half wondering about a 10k too, to have something to work towards, but then in Runner's World this week there was a plan for getting 5k under 30 mins so I've started that. I feel good to have some structure again. Very jealous about your Garmin by the way!

  • Yep you can expect to ache after your runs but that's why you have rest days so don't stint on those

    Great to have a plan to keep you motivated and keen

    Well done folks. Happy running

  • well done potty :D your plan looks good to me :D carry on enjoying your running that is bottom line :D

  • I never dreamt i would enjoy running as much as i am and the feeling you get afterwards just done run 2 in week 7 this morning, never thought i would be capable of running for 25 mins when i started C25K ive also entered race for life in june and im thinking of entering a local 5k race in May being organised by my local running club. I gave up smoking in November last year, just wish I'd done all this years ago!! Keep going and keep enjoying!

  • Brilliant Potty!

    I'm a bit scared by the Stamina podcasts (just in case I can't do it - sounds hardcore).

    Like you I am trying to build up to 10k now. Well done for signing up for Race for life 10K - what a great motivator! :)

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