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Graduated c25k (timed) programme today. What next?

Although I don't use the NHS podcasts, I do use the RunDouble app which is pretty much the same programme. Because I originally started running in my lunch hour I went with the timed programme (working up to 30 mins of continuous running); now I mostly run in the evenings.

The question is where to go from here. I currently run to a playlist of songs around the 150bpm mark. I was thinking about maybe doing three runs a week: 1 day at a faster pace (my 155-160bpm list), going back four weeks or so on the timed programme; 1 day 30 min run; and 1 day set distance run (I can currently run about 2.5 miles in 30 mins, so probably aim for 2.75 miles in the first instance). Do this for two or three weeks then increase the time of the first run and distance of the third run. Or should I just move over to the distance programme and build up to the full 3.1 miles that way?

To be honest, I'm just thrilled to be in a position to ask this question as I wasn't sure I'd ever get to this point! All thoughts gratefully received.

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Well done on graduating and good luck with your future running :)


Congrats on your graduation. It's nice to finish and have choices!


Congratulations :-)


My dad ran for years and he would have done something similar to what you are suggesting. A normal run, a short one to work on speed and a longer run. Well done


Congratulations on becoming a runner. Isn't it great!! The recommended increase in running duration or distance is 10% per week. This is best achieved on one run, while your other two runs stay approximately the same duration, but you can use one to work on speed and the other just a gentle consolidating run. The exact pattern depends on your goals. It is good to have some short and longer term targets after graduating, to help maintain the challenge.

There are NHS C25k+ podcasts for post grad runners at nhs.uk/LiveWell/c25k/Pages/... Look for the orange C25k logo.

Welcome to the forum.


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