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Another B210k Newbie

Hi everyone. I'm starting B210k next Monday and am excited about having another goal and programme to follow. Since finishing C25k I've 'trod water' a bit, working on bettering 5k times and seeing what distance I can cover in 30 minutes and, to be honest, grown a little bored with my running. This has shown in some weight gain, especially over and since Christmas, so I'm relieved to have a new goal and feel really motivated to get back on track.

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Happy to have you in the 10k team - there seems to be a few of us that are currently in training and it certainly gives you a goal to work towards.


I was the same as you in that I needed another goal once Id completed C25K. mind you, that was almost 2 years ago & we didnt have the 3 new C25K+ podcasts to keep us amused.

good luck with the B210K. it will be great to have something to focus on. shelley


Wahoo I've started B210k this week too. So far so good for me - I hope that you enjoy it too. Good luck :-)


Welcome aboard. Enjoy the programme. B210k is great, even if I feel I have not got going as regularly as I did with C25k. Snow, work, etc. Mid-week 3 now. Good luck and happy running.


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