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Hi. This is my first blog on here. I've completed W3 R2 today and found myself grinning at the end. I'm 38 and whilst not overweight I was very unfit so this is one major achivement for me. I suffer from depression and I've found that since starting c25k programme that I have a goal to aim towards. This, coupled with the endorphins through exercise is helping me attack my illness.

Reading through the blogs I found myself believing that I can do this! Everyone on here inspires me with their stories. Can't wait for my next run!!

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Hi Benmum, welcome to the forum! It's great that you're having such a positive experience with C25K. I've found it a brilliant programme for getting more active. And of course you can do it! Good luck for your next run :)


Welcome, Benmum! I'm glad the c25k programme is working for you! :)


Welcome, Benmum! Come on in....

I'm glad you are having success with your depression....running, accomplishment, and endorphins...the breakfast of champions! lol

We're usually would seem the sun never sets on the C25K blog room...sit down, have a moan if you need to, get a kick in the (insert your preferred body part to have trodden upon here) if needed, or just let us know how it's going. That's why we're here...

Continued good running to you, and enjoy!


Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement!


Hi Benmum,

The mental changes that've occurred for me are phenomenal! I did W3R3 today, and whilst I didn't end smiling (I had that amazing run on W3R1!), I am starting to see why people rave about running to clear their heads. I get down quite often, but I've found that, as you said, having something to aim for, and a challenge to take on, really does give me a distraction and accomplishment to attain!

Best of luck, and keep it up!


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