B210k anyone?

I've been a little stuck since graduation. I tried the speed podcasts etc but just didn't gel with them. I'm running 5k three times a week and have sort of got stuck there. I did a 6k on Mon and have decided I need another aim as I usually just jack it in after 5k. I have had a look at the B210k but am a bit concerned that it might be a road to injury so thought I might do each week twice with the first week of each doing the plan twice and my usual 5k in the middle, then doing the full week the week after (if this makes sense). Are any of you guys doing this programme or any thoughts? Thx T


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  • I got a bit stuck after graduation too but have decided to train for a duathlon which is run cycle run with the hope I will be able to go onto a triathlon after... Don't rush a decision prob took me 4 months to choose a new aim! X

  • Hi Doglets05, great news on Duathlon, keep us posted on progress! As swimming is my best bit, I have jumped straight into Triathlon training, but only super sprint distance to begin with... Good luck

  • Thank you. Good luck with your duathlon.

  • I was in a very similar position and it took me a while to work out what I wanted to do. I did start the B210K and liked having a structure. I am not really aiming for 10K but more to increase my running time a bit. I run 3 times a week and usually do 2 long runs and 1 short but faster one(30mins) so have tended to do the B210K for 2 or even 3 weeks before thinking of moving on. I like having the podcast to tell me when to run or walk so that I am not looking at my watch all the time and settle into the run.

    we are all different so that may not suit you - I think it is worth mixing it up a bit and seeing what works for you, it may just be that one day you feel like doing a short run and the next time a longer one.

    happy running!

  • Thanks. I liked the structure too and this sounds like a good plan. It's not that I particularly want to run for 10k but I think I need to aim for something rather than just the 3 5k runs per week.

  • Lots of apps give you the option of setting intervals so you can listen to your own music and have it beep at you to tell you when to run or walk.

    I think the best way of avoiding injury is to increase your running time on one run a week. While I did the B210K programme, I do think that the amount of running time increases by a lot each week. So to do just one or two of those runs a week is probably a better option than 3.

  • Super. Thank you.

  • I followed the zen labs b210k program on my phone. It was a lot of running and there were times when I took 2 days rest, but I got there just in time for the RFL 10k in June. I then changed to run 1 long a week (inc 1km/week), one 8k and one fast 5k, and got to 13k in mid July. Then struggled with heat / kids over school holidays and our own holiday, so it took till early sept to get back up to 13k.

    I've just got to 10 miles now, so will taper off for a week, then hopefully work my way up slowly to HM.

  • That is impressive. I want to stick I my 3 runs a week pattern and I take the weekend off. Don't ever see myself running 10 miles but one or two longer runs per week seems doable.

  • I have started c25k x2. This is not a new programme, I just use 2 c25k podcasts back to back. It started by accident really. I re-started c25k at week3 but decided I wanted to be out for a bit longer so I restarted the podcast. Since then I have done wk3+wk4 and wk4+wk4. You could mix and match however you like though. I am not aiming for 10k although I always like a bit of progression. I do miss out the cool down at the end of the first podcast because there is a warm up walk in the next one.

  • Thank you. I would probably get myself totally confused lol but will have a look at how this might work for me.

  • I did the B210k and it was a bit full on but manageable. I have been injured a couple of times but mostly down to not warming up properly or twisting an ankle on tree roots which happened after graduation. I nearly gave up with B210k but was pushed on by the advice and guidance from the lovely peeps here and completed it. Godd luck

  • Thank you. I injured myself a few years ago by taking things too quickly which is why I opted for C25k this time and it has been fab. I want to try and avoid injury again which is why I am a little autofocus of the jumps in this plan.

  • Sounds like you're taking a sensible approach. I've had 3 attempts at the B210k and managed to get to the end of Week 3 (8 km) before injury. At the moment I'm building back up to running three times a week for 30 minutes. I will get to 10k eventually, but it will take me a lot longer than 5 weeks.

  • I think the plan is a little ambitious for me and your post just underlines this. I will have a look at how I can extend/change it to suit me. I am not on a timeframe so it doesn't matter I it takes a few months. Thank you.

  • I am on week five of the Runkeeper sub 65 min 10K. I don't have any ambition to actually run a sub 65 min 10 K but I liked the fact that the schedule is over 16 weeks which seemed more manageable than the bridge to 10K programmes I have seen.

    I don't use the actual app on my phone as I have problems with the gps. I use the training schedule shown on the Runkeeper site and punch the particular days details into my TomTomwatch. Its a real mixed bag. Have had to look up some of the workouts as I had no idea what "strides" or "tempo" were but I am really enjoying the variety.

    Might be worth a look.

    Good luck with whatever you decide upon.

  • Indeed I will have a look. I hadn't come across this programme but 16 weeks sounds much more promising. Thanks.

  • I got stuck after graduating. I finished C25K over the winter months (I actually enjoyed running at dusk AND in the rain because I had a goal but over the spring/summer weather/evening didn't have the motivation to get out there as often as I should have!!!! ) I tried the speed podcasts but didn't enjoy them as they didn't feel like progress as C25K did. I'm now following B210K and enjoying running again as I've got a goal back, even though I don't mind how long it takes me. I'm doing 2 runs a week and am about to start week 3 and can feel myself getting better, again.

  • Thank you. I think C25k is so structured it's easy to feel a little 'lost' without Laura.

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