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Bun in the oven when should I start running again?

I began the c25k in August 2012 and graduated at the start of October.Since then I have worked my way up to running 10k in 68minutes. I am now about 5weeks pregnant following IVF! So this is a particularly precious pregnancy (and my first) but I feel as though I don't want to give up the running completely as I have achieved a good level of fitness. I thought maybe it would be wise to wait unti the 12weeks all clear then perhaps just 20mins light jog 3 times a week? Does anyone have advice from their own experience or from people they know? I will get advice from my Dr also as the running also helps my depression! Phew! Thanks;-)

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Congratulations on your pregnancy. I wonder whether, since there is so much at stake whether you would be better off doing exercises sitting down eg on a stationary bike, or lying down eg gentle and appropriate yoga. Good luck. Wishing you and your beautiful cargo Godspeed.


Aw my beautiful cargo:-) that made me smile!i definitely want to do some exercise like swimming if i don't continue the running.


Wohoo smashing news for you, congratulations Lainybops. I'm with Nomi here your little bundle is too precious and you need to be guided by your medical team. Pilates is very good for expectant mums, helps build body core strength but I would say you perhaps should have been doing it before the magic moment!! Take care and don't stop walking as it won't do you or baby any harm. :)


thankyou oldgirl it's very exciting and precious:-)


What lovely news, congratulations Lainybops! I don't have any experience of running in pregnancy but in my day all exercise matters were a case of ask the midwife. My yoga teacher does a special class for mums-to-be and I heartily recommend yoga for de-stressing/depression etc.... All my very best to you, you'll be out jogging with junior in the pram in no time I'm sure! :-)


Well, you can do pelvic floor exercises!

Seriously, congratulations! What is your concern about running? My thoughts would be

a) you might feel unusually tired over the next couple of months in particular - and you'll be the best judge of that and all the other ways you might feel. It sounds as though you are pretty safe from feeling you have to drive yourself to prove something that doesn't need proving.

b) you might need to be more careful about not running on empty

c) you're not starting running, you are a runner and athletes run through their first trimester, doesn't mean their babies are not precious. I can think of a woman who won the World Orienteering Championship somewhere between 12 and 16 weeks pregnant.

d) there can be hormonal ups and downs that getting out in the fresh air and running will help with (and suddenly stopping might worsen)

e) later on ie *past* 12 weeks, your altered centre of gravity may start to be an issue and it may not be comfortable to run, plus your balance might not be great for running

f) if running helps your mood you may want to think about gradually moving over to other ways of taking care of your physical and emotional fitness ready for the time when running will definitely be off the menu for a while

g) contrary to how you got here and how people may treat you, neither you nor your baby is made of glass, though some cosseting is definitely nice!



There's some advice about running during pregnancy at that you may find useful.


When i was pregnant (4 yrs ago, gosh was it really that long!!) the advice was that if it was something you did pre pregnancy it was OK to continue as long as you stopped if you felt you needed too but you were advised not to start anything new.

I carried on kickboxing and actually did my blue belt grading at 3.5 months but I would seek advice from your doctor or midwife.

Congratulations, Allie


Congratulations! Aside from seeking professional advice about the safety for your baby in your particular situation (usually not a problem after secure implantation of a single embryo), I would add that the natural pregnancy hormonal shift increases the laxity of connective tissues, which may increase the risk of joint/spine injury to you. This is especially problematic if you pound the pavement (heel strike) rather than land softly. Joint & especially pelvic stability is a key factor for successful safe running. It is no fun to be injured & pregnant! So easy does it. Some people (after medical clearance of course!) find that running in a swimming pool, as is commonly used for rehabilitating athletes & even race horses, maintains all aspects of their running programme with less risk of injury.


congratulations. fantastic news :)

are you able to get on a cross trainer machine. when I had knee injury (yes I know, not the same!) I used this as you still get the cardio like running & it sort of feels like running but without the constant pounding.

also I would thoroughly recommend swimming as this is lovely towards the end to take your weight once you get a bit big for even getting out of bed (mum of 5 so I still remember the best bits) :)

I was quite big with a couple of mine & had this support thing that went round my back & under the bump that did up with velcro. if you do carry on running then this may help if belly feels like it is bouncing around.

best wishes for you & your little bundle of joy to come. shelley x


Thanks all for your input I will definitely get advice from my gp in the next few weeks and make some decisions then! Meanwhile I will have to keep up with the walking!xx


You could make a midwife your first port of call...


Hi i have just had 5 months off after reaching wk6r3, i couldnt bear the thought of going right back to week 1 so i did week 3 last night, and it was just right.

Just getting started after a break is the hardest part, i feel really good today im definitely back on it!

Let us know how you get on!


Sorry above post was for someone else, im so not technical! But as im here...

Ive had 5 children, im a just get on with it kind of person, i used to get really annoyed when people used to say, 'ooh you shouldnt be doing that in your condition' i used to be so headstrong and constantly reminding people that i was fit and healthy and not ill!

HOWEVER.... Lifting and running etc is not going to harm your baby BUT the hormone relaxin is released to loosen all ligaments to allow your body to change and grow so you will probably damage your body, most people are probably saying it for the wrong reason but they are right, you shouldnt be! If you think about you pelvic floor that is holding up the uterus! Its already starting to work to hold up the extra weight without running along! And youre gonna need a good strong back to lift and chase that bundle!

Swimming is amazing for pregnant women and you can even plonk the carseat at the side of the pool in the early months!

If ever i hear advice, and its changed many times over my pregnancies, i google the reasons and statistics to find out why and it often helps, midwives are wonderful people helping you have a healthy baby!


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