Leadership in Running Fitness course. Should I (or rather could I)?

I graduated from C25K coming up for 3 years ago now. I am running 3 times a week and do regular 10kms. I am however still over-weight and slow (it' s relative but my pace is in the slower end of the range)

I have this daft idea that I would like to set up a Beginner's Running Group in Banbury as there isn't one here. We have a couple of good running groups but their standard is high. So, long story short - if I did this course would I be the only chunky/slow one on it? Does anyone have any experience of the course? Any help greatly appreciated.


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17 Replies

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  • I think you should do it anyway, and then there will be a group leader in your town who can help slow people like me (though I'm nowhere near you, I'm afraid!).

  • Thank you. I am definately going to look into it.

  • No personal experience of that kind of course, but the guys who are run leaders at my canicross group are all on the chunky side, and they've all done courses so I doubt you would be.

    And even if you are, you obviously fit enough to be there. Go for it!

  • Thanks! It's good to know other larger build people have done it. The only ones I know are exceptionally skinny.

  • It wouldn't do any harm and you'd probably learn a lot which would help with your own running. I think a beginners course for slow beginners is a great idea. Lots of us newbies are really put off by runners clubs, because we just think we're so slow we hold everybody back! I would love to have a group leader like you!

  • Thank you. That's a good idea. It might improve my own running at the very least. I dabbled with a running group but I actually was too slow so stopped going.

  • Go for it! Size and age mean nothing, it's all about getting out there and doing it. So what if it turns out you are slightly more chunky than anyone else there, you can just show how it's done on our behalf๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ

  • Thanks. Good positive thinking there!!

  • Do it. We need more diversity in the running programs and clubs. I think you've got a wonderful goal.

  • Thanks!

  • What a fantastic idea! I think it is great that you are willing to take on the leadership of a running group. The fact that you are a slow runner and a bit overweight yourself will probably just help 'your' runners to feel comfortable around you.

    The woman who leads my running team is not skinny at all and not a hare (not a tortoise either) but she knows all there is to know about running and she knows how to motivate people!

    I think the important thing is to describe very well what you are offering so that people can see whether it is for them or not.

    Go for it!

  • Thank you. Yes I hoped me being a bit chubby might give people some re-assurance that I'm not going to sprint off and leave them behind. I would make sure that people knew it was for slowies!

  • That sounds wonderful! I'd say go for it!

    Although not local, Irish-John and I were talking about Banbury a few months ago! Looks like a lovely place to live :)

  • Thanks for the support. Yes Banbury is quite nice (I don't think the locals appreciate it though)!

  • Personally I would feel more comfortable with a slower leader! As a slow runner myself I would be far more likely to join your group. The groups around me are massively competitive and frankly terrifying!

  • Thanks. That's what I'm hoping. I would join a group run by a slowie!

  • Thanks everyone for the support and advice. Annoyingly there are no courses near me in the near future that I can go to. I will keep my eye out and go for it.

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