Oh dear, very late night before W9R1!

With the best will and intentions, sometimes you just gotta go with the flow and accept life throws the occasional curve ball. I've been psyching myself up for W9 - I even went running in the wind and rain to finish W8 - and had great plans for an early start tomorrow and then... friends came in tonight, the wine was opened, the food was brought out... and I enjoyed it all. However, it means that I'm going to be facing my first 30min run with a serious hangover. Laura's already told me I'm a runner but does this mean I get to deduct at least a couple of minutes to compensate?


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8 Replies

  • You'll be fine Pinkhat. Just get out there and do it. I find that running is absolutely great for hangovers. It's not easy I know but, as always, the biggest hurdle is the front door. Once you're out there, you'll find it flows as normal. Just make sure you are hydrated enough. I don't make a habit of it but on the odd occasion that I've run after a late, boozy night, I have had a really good run. Maybe it's because the circulation is faster or something but it works for me.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • Yes go out but do hydrate. Only 3 runs and you will have your graduate badge!! Brilliant

  • Well, wasn't great but wasn't as bad as I was expecting - and I felt a whole lot better at the end than I did at the start.

    I'm my first Parkrun on Saturday so measured today's run to get an idea of distance I'm covering - I did 3.8km over the 30mins, which isn't 5k but I was still pretty pleased with that considering how rough and tired I was. I saw a posting on here recently that had a link to where you could put in your time/distance and it'll give you your predicted time for another distance - I'll maybe try and find that so that I can use today's run as the basis then be (hopefully) chuffed when I beat that time as it's going to be early nights, healthy food and not a drop of alcohol between now and Saturday morning!

  • ditto

    you will be fine, you may run a bit more slowly than normal, but it will really help to blow away the cobwebs. Have a lovely, chilled out run ;-) And don't forget to give yourself an extra pat on the back for adding the extra 2 minutes despite a boozy, late night

  • my screen hadn't refreshed, I didn't realise you'd already completed the run. my ditto was to Jonny

    Well done pinkhat! :-)

  • Thanks Vixiej - can't help but think how much better it will be when the weather is good, I've no hangover and I'm a stone lighter! I'll be running like the wind!

  • You have my admiration, I put off my run at the weekend due to feeling 'delicate' so next time I will get up and run the hangover away :-D

  • Yes, it definitely does get rid of the hangover - eventually! To be honest, I so wanted to just lie in bed this morning but once you're up with the kids, you're up and then when you've got to take the dog out anyway, you just have to bite the bullet. Plus really needed to get at least one 30-minuter under my belt before Parkrun on Saturday.

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