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Oh dear 😔


I shouldn’t have had that wine and crisps last night. I was all excited to start week 9 but today I had to stop and walk for a few minutes after 10 minutes. My ankle was sore and I was tired and couldn’t get my head in the right mindset......I feel a bit sad like I broke my good pattern getting this far 😢So I came straight here to tell my running friends. Has anyone else had that experience? Any advice (or comfort) gratefully received. Run 2 planned for Wednesday anyway. I’m not giving up!

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Learn from experience Jerichomile, if you plan to do any runs, don't eat or drink as much as you had the evening before you were due to run.

A friend of mine told me recently of a athlete he knew years ago who after running miles used to go into a pub immediately he finished a long run and ordered several pints of beer, on one occasion he ordered a pint, drank that pint as if in a competition on who can drink it the quickest then ordered a few more for good measure, not a thing you or I would think of doing. 😊

JerichomileGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Almorr, I enjoyed your story! Thanks for the advice, I’ll definitely learn that lesson 👍😊


I tell myself I won’t drink alcohol the day before a run but I do, I do however try and make sure I drink plenty of water. My run was hard going this morning, too much wine and a tad less water than I should have had.. Every time I do it I think I won’t do that again but I do!

JerichomileGraduate in reply to Julia187

😁thanks for that Julia, actually I feel better knowing I’m not the only person who did this! I think I just didn’t realise the potential challenge as I’m a newbie runner. Hope you had a nice day anyway and thumbs up for still doing your run.

Julia187Graduate in reply to Jerichomile

We’re only human, maybe you’ll learn from it maybe you won’t but don’t beat yourself up about it, enjoy your wine and crisps, you’re getting out there and doing something positive. Put it behind you and move on 😊

JerichomileGraduate in reply to Julia187



Very probably a hydration issue - the salty crisps and the alcohol - both would need more water than usual to counter, and because you’re now a runner you need more water than you did 9 weeks ago! So if you’ve over indulged, try and drink lots of water before going to bed, and plenty in the morning too. Take it as a lesson, and have a rest day, and you’ll be fine!

JerichomileGraduate in reply to DiscoRunner

Thank you DiscoRunner. Good advice which I’ll take. The fact you wrote “you’re now a runner” has actually made my day 😁 thank you!


Onwards and upwards! I'm a bit behind you, just started Week 8, and some runs are easier than others. Hope your ankle is feeling better?

JerichomileGraduate in reply to Debston

Ah you’re right! Yes ankle feels a bit better. Thanks for asking Debston

I have had a very similar thing today on w9d1!!! My calves were aching, breathing didn’t seem quite right, and I gave up after 13 minutes - have been fed up the rest of the day!!! Think mine was not enough water too, but now worried I won’t get any further on the programme 😔

sTrongFuseGraduate in reply to cyberjol

You've ran for 20 mins, 4 x 25 mins and 3 x 28 mins so you know 13 mins is just a bad day at the office. My last one of those was W6R3 where I just ground to a halt after 17 mins. No amount of positive attitude could have helped me go any further, I was simply running on empty. I didn't realise I'd ran my fastest ever km during that spell, a good minute faster than my current pace, until I looked at my stats later.

Took my rest day, and tried again. Set off more slowly, not Japanese Slow Jogging slow, but as close as I seem able to manage, and this time smashed it with plenty in the tank.

Sometimes our bodies do things like that for reasons only they know. They know their capabilities better than we do.

Just chalk it up as one of those things and see how it goes. Maybe do a 25 min, then a 28 min (both of which you know you can do) before tackling 30 again.

Good luck.

JerichomileGraduate in reply to sTrongFuse

Good approach! 👍

cyberjol in reply to sTrongFuse

Thank you strongfuse, good advise, and worth remembering how well we have done. Will put it down as a bad day and move on

JerichomileGraduate in reply to cyberjol

Cyberjol, sending you sympathy! I bet we can both regroup, take a big breath, lots of water and just set off again, nice & steady. We can do this. When’s your W9r2 due? Mine’s Wednesday. Let’s cheer each other on. Let us know how you get on?

cyberjol in reply to Jerichomile

Was going to do w9r2 on Wednesday too, but will retry w9r1. Drinking lots of water ... and trying to stay positive. We have both got this far.... we can do this. Let me know how u get on too

JerichomileGraduate in reply to cyberjol

Agreed. Will do 👍


Yeah I did a run after a night of wine, but ran later in the day. Still wasn’t a great idea and learnt that I need to be well hydrated. I found this out on one of the earlier run. Just do it again. It took me longer than 9wks as sometimes life gets in the way.

JerichomileGraduate in reply to Bunnyrunner

“Sometimes life gets in the way” 👍


How many of us are old enough to remember the cartoon character Alf Tupper? He’d eat fish and chips (my wife thinks also drank beer) but still go on to win all his races despite the machinations of Johnny Foreigner.

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