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Week 7 run 1... so far so good (touch wood)


Did 7/1 today and felt remarkably ok. I ran a different route - this one went round a block, 6 times in all, and I think it helped me to pace myself, thinking, ok only 5/ 4/ 3/ 2/ 1 circuit left.... 3.27k in all.

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Hey nice one! You should change your Avatar to a hare.

All the best


lucyconnukGraduate in reply to 123456789

Ha, good one! Not sure I'm ready for a hare yet. Perhaps a hippo....


Oh, well done!

I'm not sure I'd like going round the same bit again and again - but it seems to have worked well for you. And yes, I think you should have a hare, and I'll take over the tortoise, seeing that you did a whole km more than me in the same time!

(I know it's a bit boring hearing how slow I am, but hopefully it might encourage someone else who's really slow not to give up.)


Woo too, well done to you, well on the way to your green badge :-)


Well done lucyconnuk, we did the W7R1 last night too, not sure I could do so many laps the same without ducking out and going home :-) . That graduate badge is looking much more possible now.

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