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Life after C25K

Since completing, C25K, I've run twice.

So far I've given 5k+ Stepping Stones & Speed both a try.

Happy to have Laura with me again.

5k+ Stepping Stones is a bit confusing (beat counting). Not sure I was really following as Laura instructed (faster? slower?) but ran a bit faster each time asked. Found the fastest part a bit tough since I had to run up hill at that moment but did my best to run as fast as I could manage. The following day my legs felt like they got a good workout so I must have ran hard enough.

Today I decided to give Speed a go. Didn't make it through, it was just a bad day for my body to manage. Had to stop half way through and walked till it was over. Can't wait to give it another go when I'm feeling "normal". Sounds like a great workout/run when completed, must feel great afterwards.

It's a shame NHS won't make us an official B210K programme with Laura...

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