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Swapped C25K W9 for C25K+ Stepping Stones

Since finishing C25K I've been repeating W9 and just adding 3 minutes to my run each week. This week I'm running for 39 minutes. I've also changed from running 3 times per week to running every other day.

This morning I decided to listen to C25K+ stepping stones instead of W9 during my run. What surprised me is that 160 steps per minute is actually what I seem to naturally run at, and I found forcing myself to slow to 150 and 155 a bit tricky, I kept drifting back up. When the last part of the session at 160 started I felt more comfortable. The fact that Laura was there was a pleasant surprise, I hadnt realised that she was on these podcasts too. I did find her running technique pointers helpful. I think I tend to run pretty much as she says at the start of my run, but tend to slouch a bit towards the end, and I found being nudged to run proerly by Laura quite helpful. I think when I start to slouch that it starts to bring on a bit of back ache, so it is good to avoid that.

Although I naturally run at a fairly constant 160bpm, my speed varies with hills and stuff by varying stride length.

So it was interesting to try stepping stones, but it has made me think that what I actually need is some 160bpm music, maybe I'll check out what else audiofuel has to offer.

Happy running all :)

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I really like all of those 3 podcasts, and feel they've made quite a difference to my running. My natural cadence is something like 140, so I find even the first part a challenge! I think I have speeded up a bit, both cadence and speed, knocked maybe20 - 30 seconds off my slow KM pace, so that's a good start. I feel a lot lighter on my feet, and feel I can run for longer too. I just wish there was something like these podcasts that were a bit longer - 45 mins to an hour.


Oh yes, I definately agree with that. I see there are some longer ones on the Audiofuel site. I might give some of those a go. At the moment I'm running through the 5 minutes cool down walk, plus the walm up walk of the next podcast :)


That's a good idea! Thanks for that. We have to pay for the Audiofuel ones don't we? I thought they were quite expensive, but might be worth it considering how many times I've listened to all the others..let me know if you can recommennd any from AF


There are 3 freebies on the AudioFuel site, but they aren't that easy to find. I could only get two of them to download too.

One is called 'Sennheiser - Through the Gears' and I thought I was going to die when I did that as my cadence is nowhere near that fast!

The other is called 'Thank You London - A Tribute to Team GB' (which is a bit naff).

The 3rd one would not download at all.

I run to the 'Stamina' podcast most runs and love it, so think the AudioFuel method works for me and will be buying some of heir tunes when I finally agree on what my cadence is/should be.


If you run at 160, then try the Stamina podcast as it starts off with 10 minutes at 158, then does around 20 minutes (I think?!) of 160 with a final 5 minute flurry at 165.

It is now my 'go-to' podcast for a regular run.


Thanks Maysie1 that is goos to know :) in that case I will do my next run with that :)


I was told about a website called podrunner by someone on facebook and that it all music with set bpm which you can download for free so long as you can put up with a bit of an introduction. I've started using music from here this week and found it helped keep me at a steady pace today.


The PodRunner music is just a different style of music to the AudioFuel music.

I found the PodRunner tunes a bit 'full-on' for my taste, but other than that it is a free version of AudioFuel as you say.


By the way, I like your avatar Maysie1 :)


The advantage with it being free is I plan to use it while fine tuning my ideal running bpm and then i will be willing to pay for music once I've worked out what speed i need. I don't want to pay for a track and then only use it once or twice (it's the Scottish half of me coming out!)


Jog.fm is the place to go. Just enter your required bpm and music taste and they'll come up with lots of songs/music.


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