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Feeling a bit lost after graduating, I've looked at a few things to keep me motivated to run, run further & faster but none of them really have structure so I was back to square 1.....BUT this morning I googled C25K+ & there is an NHS podcast for just the thing - it has 3 sections Stepping Stone, Speed & Fitness. I'm going to download it & give it a go. Here's the link nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/Couch-to...

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Hi Dhiny. Many of us use these podcasts, they are great to keep you moving! Be aware Stamina is a bit tougher, but do-able, just as ever go steady!

Why not structure your runs a bit more, for example, one of the podcasts each week, then a slow easy run, adding a bit more distance each time. Then maybe a faster run to help improve speed. Choose a route for example, and run it regularly aiming to get a bit quicker over time.

You can also add in hill training for further variation. There are interval runs, fartlek runs, hill runs, long runs, fast runs, slow steady distance runs. Loads of thing to choose from. But I like to have a plan so that when I go out of the door I know the purpose of the run.

There are also loads of cross training activities to choose from: NHS Strength and Stamina podcasts, yoga, pilaties, swimming, cycling, anything but not running!

What ever you decide on , build your running slow and steady, don't aim for too much too soon as the IC is no fun at all.

Happy running graduate!

misswobbleGraduate in reply to Millsie-J

Stepping stones are fab! Do them to death! They will bring on your running no end 😀 They are tough, and the variable speeds get some frustrated, but keep the legs guessing I ran speed and stamina the other day and still find them tough 🙂

Dhiny in reply to Millsie-J

Thanks for the advice Jacs-W - I am going to listen through to the podcasts to see what they are like. I also like to have a plan when I go out. I wanted something that would guide me through progressing to running faster & further so that I wouldn't go like a bull at a gate & end up with an injury. I'm a sports masseur as well as a nurse with an interest in sport so I know how to avoid injury but sometimes enthusiasm gets the better of me :) I do the Strength & Flex & am going to join our local gym so that I can attend their Yoga classes & use weights, X trainer, etc.

Millsie-JGraduate in reply to Dhiny

Your background is perfect for a runner! I found I had to work slowly through the podcasts when I first graduated, but as you know the important thing is to enjoy. We are all different and the journey is different for everyone, but the fun is from deciding what our own journey will be.

I use YouTube on my Smart tv for yoga sessions which works well for me.

If you look through my previous posts you will see one on, Lesson Learned........ that was the biggest contributor to my ongoing journey, i was on IC for five weeks. I am now so much more aware of my body and keen to stay off the IC.

I need to listen to the advice I give to my patients & clients & take them on board myself - I had that chat with myself as I was running yesterday. :D :D I shall have to have a look for Yoga on YouTube - I hadn't thought of that; it will be more convenient than going to a gym. Cheers for that x

GoogleMeGraduate in reply to Dhiny

I really like Ekhart Yoga. I am a very frugal runner, but I do have a subscription for this, having sampled via YouTube and been impressed.

I'd really recommend any sort of breathwork, meditation, relaxation, mindfulness for keeping that 'always got to have a purpose' beyond just enjoying running in its proper place.

Dhiny in reply to GoogleMe

I mediate & use a mindfulness app :) - I will look up Ekhart Yoga, thank you x

GoogleMeGraduate in reply to Dhiny

I like Ekhart yoga because there are lots of different teachers and levels.

Lauracorin in reply to Dhiny

I've been enjoying Adriene's 31 day revolution

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