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What next after graduation (a review of 1 month post C25k)

I posted a question about a month ago, just after finishing couch to 5k, asking for suggestions as to what to do next to make sure I stuck with the running habit. Thanks to all the great responses I've had an enjoyable month trying out a few new things and I am still keeping up with the 3 runs per week. Here is my review!

- Speed/stamina/stepping stones from NHS

I liked running in time with the beat as I felt it helped me keep pace, but I didn't get on too well with the actual BPM used on the podcasts. Stepping stones felt too slow, stamina a bit too challenging and I hated the constant change of pace in speed. Of the three I think only stamina is one I will go back to listen to from time to time. I did take the idea away with me and now have set up my own BPM playlist at my preferred pace.

- Parkrun

This was great fun and I would recommend to anyone considering going along. I was so excited when the results email came through with a time of 26:51. That is more than a minute faster than I thought I would do. Now I can't wait until I can have a go again to see if I can better my time.

- Zombies run app

On to mission 3 tonight and I have enjoyed it so far. It is actually quite funny, so the only problem is that I have to try not to look like a loony by bursting out laughing when running round the park.

- Train for 10k run

Although I said I wouldn't try for this quite yet, I have been going out for the occasional longer run and most days I do 6-7k rather than 5k. I did attempt a 10k route but came up about 250m short due to poor planning! I'm sure I can manage the full 10k, but it is difficult to find the time for an hour plus long run. I might sign up for a 10k race and see if I can convince any of my friends to join me :)

Please reply to let me know whether you agree with my review : )

Happy running everyone!

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Nice ideas there! I've been meaning to try the Zombies Run app.

You should definitily give the 10k route a go too. You'll find a lot of people use the weekends as an opportunity to go out for longer, slower runs which helps prep you for distance, and gets your body focused on being on the move for more than an hour or so. Keep the mid-week runs to shorter, faster jaunts :)

I ended up with my own 'schedule' after graduation. Tuesday was intervals day, Wednesday was a slow 5k, Friday was a fast / hard 5k and Sundays was my longer runs, anything 9k+. I got to 17k once, that huuurt!

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Thanks for sharing your schedule with me!

I was thinking of doing a longer run at the weekend, but not sure I should try to run both weekend days as I also want to do the parkrun. I'm a bit wary of picking up an injury as earlier this year I went OTT on exercise doing high intensity aerobics stuff every day, and ended up with an injured foot as a result. :/

Perhaps it would be OK as long as I don't overdo it the rest of the week. I'll give it a go this weekend and see how I feel (if the weather is reasonable). I guess you haven't had any problems with running on consecutive days.


well - thanks for that review- interesting reading. You sound like you are making great prgress. I too have moved on from the C25k podcasts - but they did their job post week 9 - never attempted stamina - to scary. But love speed. I now use the audiofuel pyramid - which is a great mid week quick burst..

I have decided to work up to a 10k - and I have entered a race in october - I am currently on week 2 of B210k- going just fine! As for the parkrun - have not quite ventured as a bit far away - but I am aiming to do one a month - as like you i want a rest day at weekend- but also want to do longer runs. I had thought after parkrun I might do another 30 mins to make it longer??? Therefore still keeping my rest day??. Let us know how you get on :-)


ps - zombies run app - what the hell is that- i am intrigued


It's a kind of interactive game revolving around running away from Zombies :)

You get a set of missions to complete where you do your normal run outside or on the treadmill while listening to the story. In the game you are "Runner 5" and have to go out running to help the town stay free of zombies. The game works around collecting "items" to build a base and there is a interesting story about survival in the post-zombie world!

You download onto your smartphone and it plays your music interspersed with dialogue about your mission that day. So far it has been very fun!

P.S. meant also to say thanks for your other reply. I don't think I could manage to continue from park run as I get too involved in trying for the best 5k run time! (Plus you have to queue for a couple of mins at the end to hand in the token to register your time). I've also looked at the audiofuel but wasn't sure whether it was worth the money. Glad to know you find it useful, so I might look it up at some stage.


Loved reading this. I graduate in a weeks time with a beginners running club and I’m already looking at what I can do next. I think my mission will be to find the flattest parkruns in my area . I completed one last week , ran all the way but was veeerrrry slow. So I think I’m gonna find fun in parkruns for a while .

Enjoy your 10k journey . My beginners club do a 10k improver course in about 6 weeks so maybe .......... you never know x


Great update - I graduated today so this is really interesting! Could I please ask if you could post the link to your original post? :)


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